Creations Kitchen: Ban First, Ask Questions Later

I was doing a hunt today – the Shaken, Not Stirred Hunt, for those who must know 🙂 – and was going along nicely until suddenly I bounced with a “banned from this region” notification.  Hmmm… better check this out…Creations Kitchen.  Funny, I don’t remember ever even being there, much less torking off the owner.  Ok… who is the owner?  I quickly check and come up with Sun Michalski.  Interesting… the name doesn’t ring a bell.  Why would I be banned?  Time to pull up her profile.  The first thing I see is a message proclaiming her undying love for her wife and bemoaning the fact that she’s apparently the target of multiple attempts to hit on her.  A bit offputting for the primary thing in a shop owner’s profile, but no big deal.  I used to get hit on a lot too even with my lovely Gila in my partner box, but I eventually stopped hanging about in the sims where this is a problem and have very little trouble now.  

Still, this doesn’t explain my being banned.  Wait…there in the partner box.  Endra Graves.  Suddenly it makes sense.  The woman that had a bad experience with a blogger and now ejects and bans all persons with a blog listed in their profile, regardless of whether there’s anything in it about her or not.  Not exactly what I’d call sterling customer service.  An idle check of her profile while writing this reveals not much change in that since I last wrote about her.  The first paragraph in her profile is honestly something I wouldn’t put in my profile if I was in business in SL.

”                          Owner of Artistry by ~ E ~

People that don’t read profile picks irritate me. Yes, some people fill theirs full of crap, but when dealing with a designer, many times important information is sitting RIGHT THERE and you IM them needlessly when you could just read profile picks.”

Kinda makes me walk away with the impression that she thinks her customers are an irritant…idiots that can’t read and bother her needlessly.  Well, I’ll be more than happy to take my business elsewhere – there’s plenty of jewelry makers in Second Life.  I’m not exactly sure what Creations Kitchen even sells, but I’m sure there’s alternate creators and stores for that as well.  Some of them even like their customers and appreciate them.  😉

I do agree with both profiles on one point – people should read profiles.  In this case it certainly gives you a feel of who you’re buying from and their opinions about you, the customer.

Bright and Tight Hunt Disappoints

After two posteponements, I was eager to start the Bright and Tight Hunt – bright colors, tight fits.. what could be better?  Unfortunately I had enough and abandoned the  hunt after attempting to find store number 19 and failing.  I admit I didn’t try that hard and only gave a cursory in world search, but in my defense it was the fourth or fifth hunt store I’d tried to find with search.  Anyone that’s been in SL for a while knows that SL in-world search is hit and miss to put it kindly, and I finally decided I was having more frustration than fun on this hunt.

Sour Pickles is the organizer of this hunt and I’ve done hunts by them before with no real issues.  This time however, the lack of a SLURL list killed it for me, and I’d hesitate to do another non-SLURL hunt.  I enjoy hunting on the whole, but when I get stuck looking at one store for one object for more than 15-20 minutes the fun starts to pale a bit.  Part of the fun for me is moving from store to store, seeing new and pretty things, not bogging down at one place for an overly long time.  If I get stuck too long, I move on to the next store.  Unfortunately if there’s no SLURL list, then I’m searching for the next store.  Not particularly fun.

Having to search for stores is a Bad Thing.  For the stores, the hunt, and the hunter.  If store X hides its object too well and the hunter can’t find it, then they have no idea of the location of Store Y.  Store Y gets the short end of the stick vistor wise, not to mention any stores after it.  The hunt leaves a bad taste in the hunters mouth as well as Store X.  Bad deal all around.

It’s a shame really as I would have liked to finish the hunt, but the price in frustration is just too high.  SLURLs are simply a must!

Luck of the Dice: We Got Griefed

I was at work last week and got an offline IM from my lovely wife Gila casually asking if I’d given our house a light particle effect.  Alarm bells ringing in my head, I logged on that evening and sure enough, half the region was under attack.  There were rolling dice on the land sending out waves of light particles and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

We usually keep our land open to public rezzing and allow people to use a changing/rezzing room on our land as a public service.  Unfortunately there’s always someone with the mentality of a five year old ready to abuse that with griefing.  I guess no good deed goes unpunished.  Luckily the guilty party was listed as the owner of the object and I got a nice picture for the AR.  Fortunately, after a bit of study it was easy enough to clean things up.  I’ve seen one mention of this grief tactic here, but it’s a bit short and vague.  Here’s how to get rid of this if you’re unfortunate enough to have the Pinhead of Griefing visit you in the dead of the night.

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Protest SOPA!

At midnight tonight, this site will go dark to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act.  This legislation in its current form will give the internet to the entertainment industry and drastically curtail our right to free speech. 

Sites will be guilty until proven innocent, only requiring vague accusations to be shut down.  These gestapo-like tactics have no place in America, and must be stopped before they start.  I have decide to join the protest at and go dark for 24 hours starting at midnight.  All traffic to this site during that time will be funneled to 

If you have a site, I urge you to join the protest.  There are plugins available for WordPress blogs that make it simple and automatic.  Let’s stop the new Inquisition before it starts!


The Two Faces Of Sulie Criss

For those of you who don’t know Sulie Criss, he is the proprietor of Royal Thai Gallery in Second Life.  I went there on a hunt at one point, and was added to a mailing list without my consent.  I asked to be removed, and he has apparently taken it personally.  At the time, he got rather insulting.  I mentioned this in passing on this blog and he’s noticed it.  I then received a notecard that ups the ante.

Apparently this is a man with two faces – the public and the private. 

Face One can be seen in this quote from his profile “My joy is to be happy with happy people.    ❤ ❤ My heart is in the hands of the most happy of  them all ❤ ❤”

Face Two is also hinted at in his profile refund policy pick: “BUYERS:  PAY ATTENTION PLEASE.  “Mistaken buys” arise by reason of extreme carelessness or fraud.”  Hmmm… somehow I doubt that’s a policy that would be up on a plaque at Walmart.

I’ve thought this over for a couple of days whether I should post this article or not and if so how I should approach it.  In the end I’ve decided to let Sulie speak for himself.  This is a full transcript of a notecard I received in Second Life.  Nothing has been added or removed.  I feel this kind of thing needs to be brought to light.  As the notecard was freely given to me and is full perms, my interpretation is that it’s acceptable to share it.

Cassandra Kestrel

To date, three of the SL members you defame at have asked me to join with them  and as well individually cite you to Linden Labs for the ToS violation of defamation. “Actions that marginalize, belittle, or defame individuals or groups inhibit the satisfying exchange of ideas and diminish the Second Life community as a whole.” Community Standards, Item 1, Intolerance.

You openly advertise in SL for SL residents to read your blog. Thus what you mention on your blog about SL becomes part of the SL universe.  You curiously quote the ToS to me when you feel wronged, and then violate the ToS when it suits your own misdirected needs.

Your actions and words show you to be the presumptuous, uninformed, ill-tempered, ill-willed, sorry-sort who lives a 4-ulcer life in a 1-ulcer world, one who has nothing better to do in real life (are you ostracized there as the lonely, left-out, sad-sack as you appear in SL), then take it upon yourself to lecture SL residents about conduct as you no doubt have been lectured about yourself in RL?  Your decorum leaves a lot to be desired but that is, no doubt, an accurate reflection on your real life as I merely speculated about in our sole, brief exchange back in June 2010 after you had visited my Gallery several times that month:

•    [2010/06/22 19:30]  Cassandra Kestrel has entered the sim.
•    [2010/06/22 19:30]  IM: Cassandra Kestrel: yw
•    [2010/06/22 19:38]  Cassandra Kestrel has left the sim.

1.    [2011/10/22 06:30]  Second Life: secondlife:///app/agent/9978719c-1b84-40c7-a69f-f2af754184f6/about has given you this notecard:secondlife:///app/inventory/410e8dba-e134-8141-2200-801cd41276db/select?name=Please%20remove%20my%20name
2.    [2011/10/22 06:59]  Second Life: Inventory item offered
3.    [2011/10/22 07:07]  Cassandra Kestrel: I may be the only one to request removal from the list, but I sincerely doubt I’m the only one annoyed by being put on a list unsolicited.  Others mute or just ignore it.  As for the voucher, it was discarded.
4.    [2011/10/22 07:08]  Sulie Criss: wow I am so sorry my gift of friendship meets so much pain; your RL must be very sad; I wish you the best and of course I will not contact you again.  enjoy your life the best you know how.
5.    [2011/10/22 07:12]  Cassandra Kestrel: Something to consider from the SL TOS: [quote or what ever was not captured in local chat or IM]

I guess you actually think that others would belive my words [Sulie Criss: wow I am so sorry my gift of friendship meets so much pain; your RL must be very sad; I wish you the best and of course I will not contact you again.  enjoy your life the best you know how.] as to warrant your slanderous attack on my and my RL and SL work with your diatribe:

“Removed with poor grace and derogatory comments about me.”

Well, I think it really is about time that I show you what derogatory comments can be:

You are a neurotic, self-centered, ill-read, ill-mannered, scum who poses in SL as the authority she/he clearly is not, and is not accepted as being, and has no legitimacy to claim in SL or RL where he/she is clueless and unable to see much less accept this as his/her reprehensible major character flaw even as it is long-standing and diminishes what ever chance for happiness or success might have presented itself before; and this person is going to forever remain as sad as he/she is at present, alone, lonely, and angry, and ostracized for the rest of his/her time in all universes, deluding him/herself to believe that he/she has any real friends at all.

We pity such people, not chastise them, unless as here they should dare to chastise his/her betters.

With forgiveness to you for being…. alive.  You can’t help but be as you are given your character flaws.

Sulie Criss

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