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Effectively Uncapping Your IMs In Second Life

Ok, I’ve seen a ton of profiles in-world that say something along the lines of “Please send notecards only, IMs get capped”.  Coupling this with the new “Premium Perk” that Linden Lab is giving us of twice as many IMs before we cap makes me  question why anyone is getting capped, basic or premium account aside.

There’s a very easy work around for being capped, and it doesn’t involve 200 loose notecards deposited in your inventory.  Simply link your IMs to an email account.   You can do this with either a basic or premium account and get all of your IMs.  IMs will still cap in-world, but will be sent to your email anyway, effectively getting around the limit.  It also has the added benefit that when you’re not in-world, you can simply respond to the email and the sender will get it as an IM in-world. 

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About Me (Cassandra)

Hi!  My name is Cassandra Kestrel (hence the name of this site).  I was born in Second Life on 10 March 2010.  I’m kind of short – only 5’2″ unlike many of the girls you see in-world, but that’s okay I just have to adjust the clothes I buy a bit to fit me!  I’m into faeries and Wicca and buying beautiful clothes (more than I should, actually)!  My home is Cassandra’s World, you can find it in my picks under my profile.  It’s not much now, but I’m working on it.  Feel free to stop by and say hello!

I’ve started this blog as a newbie view of my adventures.  I’ll try to cover some of the little nuggets of need-to-know info that I couldn’t readily locate or misunderstood when I began my life.

Please feel free to IM me with questions or comments in-world, or you can drop me a message through the contact page on this site.  All I ask is that you be nice!  Griefers and creepy people will be summarily muted and ignored.

My main loves are shopping and exploring.  I can be a bit reserved socially, as I am a bit introverted.  Once I get to know you though, it’s hard to shut me up!

Romantically, I have to say at this point I’m where I want to be.  So if that’s your only interest, you might want to save your time.


Me after a swim in my pond.  Ok, I know it’s not the best pic, but I’m still learning!

Me relaxing on the balcony of my home.

Edit (10/22/2011):

Ok, this entry is getting severely dated.. 🙂

To bring this up to date, I’m now partnered to the wonderful Gila Lanfier and we have just celebrated our first anniversary this month!  I have a wonderful Mistress who I’ve been collared to for over a year, and overall my SLife is wonderful.  I still love shopping, hunting, and biking and you can often see me on my motorcycle on some Linden road or another on the weekends.  If you happen to see me, be sure and say hi!

A couple of new pics to update things..

Me and my beautiful wife Gila

Me on a flight of fancy..

That’s it for now,  thanks for looking!