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Bright and Tight Hunt Disappoints

After two posteponements, I was eager to start the Bright and Tight Hunt – bright colors, tight fits.. what could be better?  Unfortunately I had enough and abandoned the  hunt after attempting to find store number 19 and failing.  I admit I didn’t try that hard and only gave a cursory in world search, but in my defense it was the fourth or fifth hunt store I’d tried to find with search.  Anyone that’s been in SL for a while knows that SL in-world search is hit and miss to put it kindly, and I finally decided I was having more frustration than fun on this hunt.

Sour Pickles is the organizer of this hunt and I’ve done hunts by them before with no real issues.  This time however, the lack of a SLURL list killed it for me, and I’d hesitate to do another non-SLURL hunt.  I enjoy hunting on the whole, but when I get stuck looking at one store for one object for more than 15-20 minutes the fun starts to pale a bit.  Part of the fun for me is moving from store to store, seeing new and pretty things, not bogging down at one place for an overly long time.  If I get stuck too long, I move on to the next store.  Unfortunately if there’s no SLURL list, then I’m searching for the next store.  Not particularly fun.

Having to search for stores is a Bad Thing.  For the stores, the hunt, and the hunter.  If store X hides its object too well and the hunter can’t find it, then they have no idea of the location of Store Y.  Store Y gets the short end of the stick vistor wise, not to mention any stores after it.  The hunt leaves a bad taste in the hunters mouth as well as Store X.  Bad deal all around.

It’s a shame really as I would have liked to finish the hunt, but the price in frustration is just too high.  SLURLs are simply a must!

Fabienne Bolissima: How business is done right

Edit – 1/8/11: Ok, not only did Fabienne send me the fixed version of the outfit…she sent it to me in three other colors as well.  If I wore a hat, it would be off to her now.

Until recently an outfit from Fabienne Bolissima Couture was on my list of outfits with no mod prim pieces, but it’s been removed.  Why?  Because I was contacted by Fabienne herself apologizing for the inconvenience, thanking me for pointing it out, and sending me an updated version.  Basically bending over backwards to make sure her customers are happy! 

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A Gorgeous Little Thing

Merry Christmas SL!  I thought I’d celebrate my second Christmas in Second Life by sharing my Christmas outfit with you all. 

Xmas outfit_003
Me in my nummy Christmas outfit at home

It’s Xmas Santa Corset Set from A Touch Of Ireland, and I love it!  It has all the elements that make up a truly great outfit.  All the prim pieces are moddable, so I was able to get that perfect fit on my smaller frame.  The design and the texturing combine to make a tasty whole.  So many outfits fall down on one or the other – great design but poor texturing, or vice versa – but this Christmas outfit delivers.  I’m picky about what I wear, and apparently so is AliciaKay Kilara, the owner of A Touch Of Ireland

If you’re a sexy lady looking for something sexy to wear for Christmas, I’d recommend getting down to her store and taking a look around.  I know I’ll be back!


Endra Graves: How NOT To Run A Business In Second Life

Some business owners in Second Life welcome bloggers.  Some even are thrilled and appreciative when they’re mentioned in a blog.  Endra Graves of Artistry By ~E~ jewelry…is not.  In fact her standing policy seems to ban bloggers from her store on sight.  I found that out when doing a hunt there on Monday. 

I have my blog listed in my profile in Second Life, as I actually want people to visit it.  That’s apparently where Endra and I differ.  She seems to have too many customers and is trying to drive some away.  Of course this tends to be conjecture, because I really don’t know for sure why I was ejected and banned from her store.  I received no IM, chat, warning, notecard or sky writing letting me know the reason.  I had TPed in while doing the Peace On Earth Hunt and was looking at the hunt signs in the store when suddenly I found myself back home.  Thinking I’d hit the wrong key, I tried to TP back and was informed I was banned from the region.

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Firestorm 3.2.2 Release: I want to like it, but…

UPDATE 12/11After some research I’ve found how to get rid of the inventory preview annoyance.  By going into the debug menu and setting “ShowNewInventory” to false, it turns off the automatic opening of notecards and textures.  Unfortunately I haven’t found a fix for selecting my pose stand, but I can work around it by doing a CTRL-ALT-T before I select it.  At least I’m able to use the release version now.. yay!

After eagerly anticipating the Firestorm official release for over a month, I was pleasantly surprised to see it pop up in the notices last night.  Well of course I go leaping over to the site to download it as fast as I possibly could! 

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