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The Hall of Shame

Ok – I’ve had enough of unsolicited groups and mailing lists in Second Life.  Welcome to the Hall of Shame.  Anytime I receive unsolicited crap from a mailing list or group I didn’t join, it’s going here.  Hopefully people can use this as a list of people and vendors to avoid to reduce their spam.  I request removal from each and every group and mailing list I get dumped into and the “Result” column is what happened when I requested to be removed from their mailing list.

Resident Name Store Result
StaceyRome Resident Rez Magazine Removed
Sulie Criss Royal Thai Galleries Edit 1/8/12: Received a notecard attacking me personally in objection to this blog. 

Removed with poor grace and  derogatory comments about me. 
Danika India,
Xia Nishi
Tammy Sue,
Erotic Torment,
House Nishi
Edit 2/18/12: I’ve been banned from the land.  Apparently House Nishi doesn’t like people asking to be removed from their mailing lists..

Repeated requests to remove me, one response saying she would.  Still on this list and receiving junk.  Currently I’m doing an Abuse Report on each one I receive.
Anaiee Rae Beauty In You Hippogroup.  Went to the Hippogroup site and did a “Leave & block owner”
ShenLei Flasheart Carriage Trade Edit 4/14/12: Yet another ban.  It’s unfortunate to me that some store owners in SL just don’t quite grasp the concept of customer service.  Apparently the flowchart is something like:  go to store—>get thrown on spam list—>complain—>get banned from store.  I guess they only want sheep in their stores…

TP’ed to the site of the offending message and waited several minutes for the subscribe board to become unbusy from sending multiple unwanted messages so I could remove myself.
Fuzz Lennie Vero Modero News Requested removal by IM after TPing to the location of the offending object and being summarily ejected by a security system.  It seems their privacy is valuable, just not mine. No response as of yet, so unsure if it was done or not.
Rusty Hammand Dressing Darling/Monday’s Child (Freebies) Edit 4/14/12: My, my… another store I’ve been banned from.  It seems that people that throw you on their lists without your permission are a bit touchy about people having the audacity to object or want to be removed.  At least it looks like I’ve been removed from the list…

At this point I’ve had enough of fly-by-night sleazy group tactics.  All offenders are ARed from this point on.


Look for this post to be updated often with the current rash of people doing opt-out groups in SL.


The Scourge(mobiles) of Second Life

Anyone that drives the roads of the Second Life mainland with any regularity knows what I’m talking about.  Scourgemobiles.  Those self drive vehicles that weave drunkenly down the roads of SL, often ending up stuck through the walls of people’s homes or shops, littering and polluting the landscape.  I love to take my motorcycle out on the roads of SL and explore the landscape, but it gets really tiring to deal with the scourgemobiles that often crush me and my bike under their wheels or push me down the street every time I stop for five minutes to look around.

These vehicles are the creations of AnnMarie OToole, who has singlehandedly polluted almost every continent in SL with these pushy, useless vehicles.  Not to be confused with the Yavapods – little pods that travel the roads of SL on predetermined routes.  I have no problem with the Yavapods, as they’re phantom (meaning they don’t try to run you down) and they follow set routes.  The AnnMarie monstrosities I do have problems with however.  They’re eyesores and impede driving on Linden roads.

Garbage barge
The view off my dock.  An AnnMarie garbage barge stuck for weeks.

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