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Update 8/24/2015:  Hmm… looks like there may be another name – Rihanna.  I just found another 5/9 rez date avatar in my logs.  Blank profile and profile feed turned off, just like the other ones.  I’m going to assume she’s a bot at this point and add her to the list.

Here they are, fresh off their extensive tour of Second Life!  Visiting even where they’re not wanted, spreading joy and annoyance to the citizenry!  Spinning their way into our hearts and minds, you loved the regular bots, now here are the 5/9 bots!

Largely comprised of names from the mind of someone with apparently little imagination and a lot of time on his hands that fateful month, they form legions of Rileys, Selenas, and Brendens.  All with rez dates in May 2009 or close,  blank profiles, and the profile feed turned off.  Broken down by first name for your perusing pleasure. 

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My Banned Bots List

Update 8/14/15: I’ve broken down the 5/9 bots into their own list.  These are the bots I’ve found that were rezzed on May 2009.  You can find them here.

Update 3/7/15:  The list is again current as of now.  Every name submitted to me that I could reasonably verify as being a bot is on the list now.  The list has grown to a total of 69 names now.  Thanks everyone!

Update 2/10/15:  I’ve gotten a bit behind on the list due to RL things going on at the moment, but I hope to get the contributions merged in as soon as possible.  Thanks for all the input on this!

I’ve been catching these things more and more on my land and the surrounding area.  Bots popping into existence, doing a little step by step pirouette in place, then disappearing again.  I’ve done some searching on the web, but there seems to be no real consensus on what these things are, what they do, or what dirtball is behind them.  In my opinion, bots should be marked as bots in the profile and also with what they do – greeter, notecard giver, etc.  Also, they should be kept ON THE OWNER’S OWN LAND, and not leech off people who pay tier in SL.

These bots become one with my banlist when I find them, and since I thought other people might enjoy banning them too, at least until there’s some rules governing these things (I’m looking squarely at you, Linden Lab), I’m going to post my own personal banned bot list.  It will be updated as the list is updated.  If anyone has any clue who owns these things or what they do, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.  I’m assuming if they’re so secretive though, it can’t be anything good.

A few thank you’s for contributing names to the list both here and in-world – I think it’s getting pretty comprehensive now!

Thanks to those have contributed names to the list:

Aja Dani
Foxie Erwin Lockhart
Grizzla PJ Stipe
Mace Skate Foss
Xorinth Alexxianna Sirnah

If anyone knows of any other bots not on this list, please feel free to contact me here or in-world!

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The Shinyfication Of Second Life

My lovely in world wife Gila and I were discussing the trends of SL the other night.  New things are being added left and right (most of them not requested or wanted by the majority of residents), but old bugs are going unaddressed.  Specifically there seems to be a pattern of Linden Labs attempting to integrate and woo teenagers into SL as evidenced by the merging of the teen grid into the main grid and the recent introduction of Linden Realms, an in-world Mario Brothers type game which seems clearly designed for younger players.

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Hunting In Second Life: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series I addressed hunt organization.  Today we move on to store organization.  Things a particular store does on a hunt can make it or break it for me.  Let’s walk through it.

Landing: When I land at the store, where am I?  Am I right in front of Joe’s Cool Prim Parts, or have I been dumped at a central landing point for the sim with Joe’s nowhere in sight?  Simple concept here – make sure people know where the heck your store is.  I rarely will search.  I just move on.  Secondly, is your store even there?  If Joe’s has moved to a new location, there better be a sign at the old location or on the blog letting me know that!

The Hint: Ok, I’ve successfully landed and found your store.  Hmm, what’s the hint given?  Does it help me at all or is it so obscure that Sherlock Holmes himself couldn’t find it?  Hint – “It’s near the water” is not a good hint for a sim wide store with 8 lakes and 6 waterfalls.  “Look for the guy in green” is a good hint if you have a leprechaun statue in the store, but not if the gift is located by a picture of Batman.

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Will LL ever fix the bugs?

Reading the newest “feature” that Linden Labs has been working on, I’m moved to ask the question.  “Is LL ever going to fix the bugs in Second Life (some of which have been around since day one), or are they going to continue with the endless parade of dumbed down viewers, sign up screens with more shiny pretty things, and web profile doodads that no one asked for or even wants?”

I mean seriously, how many people want their profile showing on the web, much less have a wall a la facebook and now even an inbox?  This is what LL is wasting their time on, when people are actually asking for bugfixes and new features?  Seriously?  How about maybe give people something they want for a change?  Maybe give us our last names back.  It seems people want them, if you look here.  This issue has 1988 votes and 652 watching as of this writing, yet it still remains unassigned.  Yet web profiles were foisted on us without a single vote.

LL is desperately trying to move SL toward becoming a social networking site, yet they don’t seem to understand that many, if not the majority, of SL residents want to keep their worlds separate.  They don’t want Second Life and Real Life mixed.  They play SL to get away from real life.  SL is a bit like Las Vegas – what happens in SL, stays in SL.