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The Shinyfication Of Second Life

My lovely in world wife Gila and I were discussing the trends of SL the other night.  New things are being added left and right (most of them not requested or wanted by the majority of residents), but old bugs are going unaddressed.  Specifically there seems to be a pattern of Linden Labs attempting to integrate and woo teenagers into SL as evidenced by the merging of the teen grid into the main grid and the recent introduction of Linden Realms, an in-world Mario Brothers type game which seems clearly designed for younger players.

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My SL gets Weirder – Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 I introduced my core family, Allan and Sal.  They’re the ones I live with am around most days.  There are two more girls I just have to mention, though.  The ones I consider my best friends and really my extended family in SL.  Caitlyn and Sheree.

Caitlyn I’ve know since almost day 1 in SL.  She was pretty much my first true friend there and has helped me a lot and shown me the ropes.  She’s been hanging around SL for almost four years now, and knows it all.  She’s also a shorty like me.  As is Sal, I forgot to mention.  We take pride in our *normal* height, as opposed to the prevalent seven and eight foot Amazon women of SL  ;-). 

Caitlyn is a talented builder and used to run her own shop here in SL.  She likes to use me as a guinea pig for her new creations which I don’t mind, as I have fun doing it.  One I like particularly is the necklace/collar she gave me.  I’ve fallen in love with it, it’s just so beautiful!  She has put some of her items up on XStreet, including this one.  You can get your own at a *very* reasonable price from Caitlyn’s items on XStreet.  A word of warning, though – the picture does not come *close* to doing this necklace justice.  In person it’s gorgeous!  If you can’t decide and want to see it in person, IM me in-world. I’d be happy to show it to you.  I wear mine every day.

Sheree is even younger in SL than me.  I’ve known her since early on, too.  She was only days old when we met.  Since then she has become one of my fastest friends.  Sheree is Australian so is 15 hours ahead of me.  Makes my head spin.  I keep asking her what the future holds, but she just shakes her head and mumbles something about paradox.

Sheree is a slave herself.  She was a slave before I was a Mistress, so she helps me fine tune my Mistress skills with a bit of good advice here and there.  She gives me the other point of view.  She is not *my* slave though, and I am not *her* Mistress.  She has a Mistress she is very happy with.  We are simply friends and peers.

Well, that’s the important events and people.  I have several more ideas for articles so be sure to come back often!


My SL Gets Weirder – Part 2

Where was I?  Oh yes,  I’d mentioned my new look and my wonderful slave Allan.  What I perhaps failed to mention is how much she means to me.  That was brought home to me the other day, when through a misunderstanding and equipment failure I thought I’d lost her for good.  It broke my heart.  Fortunately all is well now, and we’re stronger than ever!

Thirdly, at least chronologically, is Sally.  Or the hottest, sweetest, most wonderful girl in SL, as I like to call her…  We met in Carnal City, and after a whirlwind romance I asked her to marry me.  Two months ago today, as a matter of fact. 

Wed 4/14/2010 5:05 AM
Dear Cassandra Kestrel,

You have received a Second Life partner proposal from Sally —–.

I actually proposed, but she crashed right afterward.  When she came back online, she had been busy and formalized it.  🙂

I *do* have a picture of her that’s worth posting:

My Sweet Sal

Is she cute or what?  *sigh*.  Yep, I’m smitten.  She’s wonderful.  Young, but wonderful.  Unfortunately, she’s a busy lady RL, so I don’t get to see her as much as I would like.  She’s so sweet to make as much time for me as she does, though.  I appreciate *any* time I get with this special girl! 

A bit about Sal, without giving away anything she doesn’t want made public.  She’s Dutch, first thing which makes her seven hours ahead of my time.  That can make it a bit tough on us, since she’s in bed by 4pm my time.  She’s young but legal as she says in her profile.  Why she hangs around with an older lady like myself I’ll never know.  Look at her – you *know* she could do better.  ;-)  Especially since her personality is even sweeter than her looks.  She’s mine and I’m keeping her, though!

And I am *soooo* hers…

I’ve been with her for two thirds of my life in SL now.  Wow.  It seems to have gone so fast, yet I feel like I’ve known her forever if you know what I mean.  She’s one of the best, most important, and special things ever to happen to me in SL or RL.  She’s amazing.

Even more to say in Part 3..

My SL Gets Weirder – Part 1

Ok, so it’s been a while since I updated the site.  :-)  My SL has gotten a bit busy lately, and with all to do and see I just can’t seem to pull myself away!  Things have changed so much since the early days it’s hard to know where to start!

Firstly my look has changed.  Quite a bit.  I cringe when I look at the old photos of myself.  You have no frame of reference when you’re new, so it’s hard to tell that you look like a noob.  Trust me though, if you’re serious about SL, you need to put at least a little money into your Avatar.  More on that in a future article.  Let’s just start off with a shot of the new me, shall we?  So you recognize me if you visit…and of course to show off a bit…

The new Cass

Secondly, I went out shopping for a tattoo on April 8th.  I didn’t find one.  I got a slave, though.  Shocked?  I was, let me tell you.  The slave trade is alive and well in SL with many traits influenced by John Norman’s Gor series.  There are many people that find total submission as a slave the height of thrilling, and SL allows them to do it.  In fact, there is a glut of slaves and submissives on the SL market.  Masters and Mistresses are far outnumbered.

But back to my experience.  I had teleported into a region to look for a tattoo.  I started camming around as is my wont (too lazy to actually walk around), so was “out of body” for a bit.  Now fortunately or unfortunately I was wearing this cute little latex number I got from Graves ( if you’re interested).  There’s just a wee chance that it made me look a bit like a domme…but anyway when I returned to my body I found two naked women prostrate at my feet.

They were looking for a Mistress, they said.  Hmmm..I suddenly felt like a Mistress.  Imagine that.  Figuring I’d better come clean, I admitted my position.  No I was not a Mistress, never had been a Mistress.  But I was willing to try…  This turned out to be agreeable to all involved, so we talked a bit.  One of the girls unfortunately had incompatible kinks with my own, so we parted ways.  The other one, Allan, …I kept.

We went back to a small apartment I maintained at the time in Carnal City and continued talking.  We agreed to give being Mistress/slave a try and she submitted to me that night.  Two months later we have had our ups and downs, but are still together.  She’s teaching me how to be a Mistress.  And I have to say I’m enjoying it..

She is perhaps a bit of a nosy slave however..  ;-)  She came across this blog in the wee hours of this morning looking for info on her Mistress.  In fact she’s the one that suggested I bring it up to date.  Sorry, no picture of Allan…none that I care to post at this time anyway…I don’t like any of the ones I’ve taken well enough.  She deserves the best shot I can do – I owe her that for the way she takes such good care of me.  Once I get that shot, I’ll update this post.

Much more to say, but I’ll save that for Part 2

Friends in Low Places

I didn’t realize it at first, but one of the reasons I was born here in SL is to make friends.  I was over two weeks old before I finally made my first real friend, and it happened in the weirdest of places!

Promise not to think the worst of me, but it happened in a place called the Carnal City sim.  I stumbled into it by accident – I was searching for something else and it showed up in the search (yeah, likely story I know!).  Curious I went there.  Now this is an *adult* sim, so it’s not for the faint of heart, but if you can get past your prejudices it’s fascinating!  Designed by a lady name Dura Voss, it’s a true masterpiece.  It simulates a run-down ghetto area with amazing detail.  I’ve been wandering the city for about three or four days now, and still find new places and details! Trash in the gutters, litter, decayed buildings, and of course people doing *things* right in the middle of it all.  Hey, I said it was adult!

A typical street scene in Carnal City!

The weird thing, though, is that I have found that it is one of the best places I’ve found to meet people!  There’s a fairly steady flow of traffic through there, but not enough to make the lag too bad or be socially overwhelming for a wallflower like me.  In about three days I’ve met four of the sweetest girls there.  They’ve taken me under their wing and helped me so much!  They’ve made my life a bit more complicated though, I can tell you that!  I used to be so shy and retiring, but they’re bringing me out.  Nothing like blasting naked through the streets on a motorcycle with another girl (you know who you are CR *grin*) to get your confidence up.  Did I say complicated?  Sorry, I meant wonderful!

As you can see, it’s all about role play.  It’s fun to go there and release your inner bimbo, so to speak.  I have to admit, I’ve bought a couple of trashy outfits to wear when I go trolling there!  It just makes you feel so alive.

Yours truly.  A night out on the town!

It’s a place where you can let your inhibitions go and just live in the moment.  I can do things there I’d never do anywhere else.

All thanks to a few good friends I’ve made there.  Of course I’m not done yet!  I intend to make more friends there if they’ll have me!  Sorry, I’m not going to give names or pictures of them, unless they tell me it’s okay.  I respect their privacy too much for that.  If you’re in the mood, though, drop in and say hello – I may very well be there at any given moment.  Don’t be bashful – I’m not near as much any more.  One hint – especially aimed at the guys – check a girl’s profile first.  She will often give you an idea of whether or not she wants to be approached, and sometimes even how.  Might keep you out of trouble, and off a few mute lists!

So, drop by, stay awhile!  Shop the shops – yes they sell the things you’d think for the most part.  In fact that’s where my dress in the picture comes from!  If you enjoy it – and I think you will, be sure to leave a tip for Dura in one of her tip jars around the town.  I have!


P.S. – almost forgot! Get there by searching for carnal city, search for my profile in-world (it’s in my picks), or go there directly from here.