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Update 8/24/2015:  Hmm… looks like there may be another name – Rihanna.  I just found another 5/9 rez date avatar in my logs.  Blank profile and profile feed turned off, just like the other ones.  I’m going to assume she’s a bot at this point and add her to the list.

Here they are, fresh off their extensive tour of Second Life!  Visiting even where they’re not wanted, spreading joy and annoyance to the citizenry!  Spinning their way into our hearts and minds, you loved the regular bots, now here are the 5/9 bots!

Largely comprised of names from the mind of someone with apparently little imagination and a lot of time on his hands that fateful month, they form legions of Rileys, Selenas, and Brendens.  All with rez dates in May 2009 or close,  blank profiles, and the profile feed turned off.  Broken down by first name for your perusing pleasure. 

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