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My SL Gets Weirder – Part 1

Ok, so it’s been a while since I updated the site.  :-)  My SL has gotten a bit busy lately, and with all to do and see I just can’t seem to pull myself away!  Things have changed so much since the early days it’s hard to know where to start!

Firstly my look has changed.  Quite a bit.  I cringe when I look at the old photos of myself.  You have no frame of reference when you’re new, so it’s hard to tell that you look like a noob.  Trust me though, if you’re serious about SL, you need to put at least a little money into your Avatar.  More on that in a future article.  Let’s just start off with a shot of the new me, shall we?  So you recognize me if you visit…and of course to show off a bit…

The new Cass

Secondly, I went out shopping for a tattoo on April 8th.  I didn’t find one.  I got a slave, though.  Shocked?  I was, let me tell you.  The slave trade is alive and well in SL with many traits influenced by John Norman’s Gor series.  There are many people that find total submission as a slave the height of thrilling, and SL allows them to do it.  In fact, there is a glut of slaves and submissives on the SL market.  Masters and Mistresses are far outnumbered.

But back to my experience.  I had teleported into a region to look for a tattoo.  I started camming around as is my wont (too lazy to actually walk around), so was “out of body” for a bit.  Now fortunately or unfortunately I was wearing this cute little latex number I got from Graves ( if you’re interested).  There’s just a wee chance that it made me look a bit like a domme…but anyway when I returned to my body I found two naked women prostrate at my feet.

They were looking for a Mistress, they said.  Hmmm..I suddenly felt like a Mistress.  Imagine that.  Figuring I’d better come clean, I admitted my position.  No I was not a Mistress, never had been a Mistress.  But I was willing to try…  This turned out to be agreeable to all involved, so we talked a bit.  One of the girls unfortunately had incompatible kinks with my own, so we parted ways.  The other one, Allan, …I kept.

We went back to a small apartment I maintained at the time in Carnal City and continued talking.  We agreed to give being Mistress/slave a try and she submitted to me that night.  Two months later we have had our ups and downs, but are still together.  She’s teaching me how to be a Mistress.  And I have to say I’m enjoying it..

She is perhaps a bit of a nosy slave however..  ;-)  She came across this blog in the wee hours of this morning looking for info on her Mistress.  In fact she’s the one that suggested I bring it up to date.  Sorry, no picture of Allan…none that I care to post at this time anyway…I don’t like any of the ones I’ve taken well enough.  She deserves the best shot I can do – I owe her that for the way she takes such good care of me.  Once I get that shot, I’ll update this post.

Much more to say, but I’ll save that for Part 2

Friends in Low Places

I didn’t realize it at first, but one of the reasons I was born here in SL is to make friends.  I was over two weeks old before I finally made my first real friend, and it happened in the weirdest of places!

Promise not to think the worst of me, but it happened in a place called the Carnal City sim.  I stumbled into it by accident – I was searching for something else and it showed up in the search (yeah, likely story I know!).  Curious I went there.  Now this is an *adult* sim, so it’s not for the faint of heart, but if you can get past your prejudices it’s fascinating!  Designed by a lady name Dura Voss, it’s a true masterpiece.  It simulates a run-down ghetto area with amazing detail.  I’ve been wandering the city for about three or four days now, and still find new places and details! Trash in the gutters, litter, decayed buildings, and of course people doing *things* right in the middle of it all.  Hey, I said it was adult!

A typical street scene in Carnal City!

The weird thing, though, is that I have found that it is one of the best places I’ve found to meet people!  There’s a fairly steady flow of traffic through there, but not enough to make the lag too bad or be socially overwhelming for a wallflower like me.  In about three days I’ve met four of the sweetest girls there.  They’ve taken me under their wing and helped me so much!  They’ve made my life a bit more complicated though, I can tell you that!  I used to be so shy and retiring, but they’re bringing me out.  Nothing like blasting naked through the streets on a motorcycle with another girl (you know who you are CR *grin*) to get your confidence up.  Did I say complicated?  Sorry, I meant wonderful!

As you can see, it’s all about role play.  It’s fun to go there and release your inner bimbo, so to speak.  I have to admit, I’ve bought a couple of trashy outfits to wear when I go trolling there!  It just makes you feel so alive.

Yours truly.  A night out on the town!

It’s a place where you can let your inhibitions go and just live in the moment.  I can do things there I’d never do anywhere else.

All thanks to a few good friends I’ve made there.  Of course I’m not done yet!  I intend to make more friends there if they’ll have me!  Sorry, I’m not going to give names or pictures of them, unless they tell me it’s okay.  I respect their privacy too much for that.  If you’re in the mood, though, drop in and say hello – I may very well be there at any given moment.  Don’t be bashful – I’m not near as much any more.  One hint – especially aimed at the guys – check a girl’s profile first.  She will often give you an idea of whether or not she wants to be approached, and sometimes even how.  Might keep you out of trouble, and off a few mute lists!

So, drop by, stay awhile!  Shop the shops – yes they sell the things you’d think for the most part.  In fact that’s where my dress in the picture comes from!  If you enjoy it – and I think you will, be sure to leave a tip for Dura in one of her tip jars around the town.  I have!


P.S. – almost forgot! Get there by searching for carnal city, search for my profile in-world (it’s in my picks), or go there directly from here.

About Me (Cassandra)

Hi!  My name is Cassandra Kestrel (hence the name of this site).  I was born in Second Life on 10 March 2010.  I’m kind of short – only 5’2″ unlike many of the girls you see in-world, but that’s okay I just have to adjust the clothes I buy a bit to fit me!  I’m into faeries and Wicca and buying beautiful clothes (more than I should, actually)!  My home is Cassandra’s World, you can find it in my picks under my profile.  It’s not much now, but I’m working on it.  Feel free to stop by and say hello!

I’ve started this blog as a newbie view of my adventures.  I’ll try to cover some of the little nuggets of need-to-know info that I couldn’t readily locate or misunderstood when I began my life.

Please feel free to IM me with questions or comments in-world, or you can drop me a message through the contact page on this site.  All I ask is that you be nice!  Griefers and creepy people will be summarily muted and ignored.

My main loves are shopping and exploring.  I can be a bit reserved socially, as I am a bit introverted.  Once I get to know you though, it’s hard to shut me up!

Romantically, I have to say at this point I’m where I want to be.  So if that’s your only interest, you might want to save your time.


Me after a swim in my pond.  Ok, I know it’s not the best pic, but I’m still learning!

Me relaxing on the balcony of my home.

Edit (10/22/2011):

Ok, this entry is getting severely dated.. 🙂

To bring this up to date, I’m now partnered to the wonderful Gila Lanfier and we have just celebrated our first anniversary this month!  I have a wonderful Mistress who I’ve been collared to for over a year, and overall my SLife is wonderful.  I still love shopping, hunting, and biking and you can often see me on my motorcycle on some Linden road or another on the weekends.  If you happen to see me, be sure and say hi!

A couple of new pics to update things..

Me and my beautiful wife Gila

Me on a flight of fancy..

That’s it for now,  thanks for looking!


In-world terminology

Hi!  Cassie here!  Starting off my articles for the Second Life newbie is this one on some of the terms you need to know.  I was just born about two weeks ago myself, so this is by no means the be-all, end-all, most coolest up-to-date list you’ll find!  It’s not meant to be.  These are just a few of the terms that confused me when I began my Life.  Here we go!

Animations – These give me character and personality.  They’re animations such as walking, standing and sitting.  These can be overridden if you want – see AO.

AO – Animations Override.  Some of the default animations are a bit clunky.  For example, I think the default walking animation makes me look like I’m waddling like a duck.  I’ve gone shopping for some AO’s that give me a bit sexier of a walk.

Attachment Point – A place I can wear things on my body, such as pelvis, ears, torso, etc.  I can wear earrings on my ear attachment points.  There are also HUD attachment points where you can attach a control panel.  These points are center right, upper left, etc.  They refer to the screen and are not worn on your body.  Only you can see them.

Avatar – Me!  At least so they say.  According to the humans that live in the “real world”, an Avatar is their in-world character.  I don’t buy that though, THIS is the real world!

Cache – Objects are cached on your local hard drive to speed up loading.  If however, you find that some objects are never fully coming into focus no matter how long you look at them, it might be time to clear your cache.  Under Edit>Preferences>Network hit the blue “clear cache” button.  Then relog and it will clear the cache when the viewer starts up again.

Covenant – A set of rules and regulations for a piece of land.  When you lease a piece of land, check out the covenant to see if there are any gotchas that you might not like.  For example, the covenant may state that you aren’t allowed to use the land for commercial reasons.  While fine if you just want to set up a house, that’s not going to work if you’re wanting to open a new emporium to sell gently used hair.

Flight Feather – Something you wear to help you fly above the unassisted height In-World.  A flight feather helps you fly higher than you could unassisted.  They can be had for free by doing a search in-world for "flight feather", or IM me in-world.  I’ll be happy to send you a free one.

Gestures – In my opinion, one of the most annoying things in the World around me.  They’re little mini animations often accompanied by sound (usually some pithy or vulgar saying) that many people seem to be utterly fascinated with, as they seem to play them every split second.  In an inappropriate setting – say a store, it can REALLY be annoying.  There’s nothing quite like trying to do some shopping with somebody yelling “I’m so sexy!” every three seconds.  Just a word of advice, if you’re abusing gestures I will usually mute you.

Griefer – Twerps!  Someone who has such a sad and pathetic little “real life” that their only joy is to annoy people in-world.  Fortunately, I haven’t run into any yet!

HUD – Heads Up Display.  A small control panel that can be attached to a side or corner of your view.  A common use for HUD’s is to provide a menu for AO’s.

IM – Instant Message.  You can IM by clicking the “Communicate” button at the lower left of your screen.

In-World – Where I live!  In-World refers to being in the Second Life universe.  You can contact me in-world by searching for my profile and IM’ing me.

Lag – The World or Sim sometimes gets busy and can’t handle everything at once.  That’s when you get lag which is essentially everything slowing down and getting sluggish.

Log – Short for log in or log out.  Can mean either.

Land Tier – If you want to own over a certain amount of land on the Mainland you have to pay the land tier.  This is a fee to Linden Labs payable every month.  Rates vary by amount of land owned and are available on their home page.  Renting land from a private region owner does not affect your land tier, and you do not have to pay Linden Labs anything.  Your rent is worked out between you and the private region owner.

Linden – the chief monetary unit in-world.

Mainland – Another word for land owned by Linden Labs, the creator of the World.

Mute – You can choose to mute another resident.  This is the equivalent of “talk to the hand”.  Once muted, you won’t receive any more chat or IM from this person until you unmute them.  They effectively cease to exist in your world.

Parcel – A piece of land either on the mainland or a private region.  Parcels can be of varying sizes.  There are usually several parcels in a Private Region.  Cassandra’s World is two separate parcels that have been joined together by myself.

Pick – A person or place that I like.  I can select picks in my profile to let people know that this is the in place to be!

Prim – Primitive.  The building blocks of objects in-world.  Objects can consist of one prim, or several joined together to make one object.  For example a tree may consist of one prim for the trunk, another for one branch, another for another branch and so on.  You need to pay attention to this if you’re looking at a land purchase.  Each parcel of land has the ability to support a certain number of prims, which you can see under the information about a parcel.  Look for the number of prims the parcel supports, not the number supported by the sim.

Private Region – A 65,536 sqm piece of land owned by a private person or group.  This land is often split into parcels and leased out.  Cassandra’s World is in a private region.

Profile – Right-clicking on me in-world and selecting “profile” will let me tell you about myself.  There are several tabs including “2nd Life” and “picks” where I can give you some info and the places and things in-world that I like respectively.  It’s up to you how much or how little to reveal.

Relog – Log out and then log in again.  Usually done to fix something.

Rezz -  Simply the act of bringing something into the World.  If you drop something from your inventory onto the ground, you’ve rezzed it.

Rubber Banding – This happens particularly in busy Sims.  It’s when I just keep walking or flying (sometimes even out over the ocean!) without control from my human and then suddenly "snap back" to where I was before.

Sim – Simulator.  A sim is the entire region and is essentially a virtual machine.  It’s responsible for running all the animations and what not in the region.

Skybox – A house or platform or such suspended in the sky.  Some people want to get a bit of privacy, so will build in the sky.  Since physics are sketchy at best in-world, this is perfectly fine!

Visual Cache – Another cache that the viewer maintains, but unfortunately there is no direct way for the user to clear it.  There are objects that let you do this, however.  Usually a free object that you rezz and then sit on to clear the cache.  Use this if you suddenly find that buildings are missing walls, floors ceilings, etc..  Essentially if you’re not seeing objects you know are there.  If you need a copy of a clear cache object I’m happy to send you one for free.  Just IM me in-world.

This is all I can think of at the moment, but I’ll update if I come up with more.  I know there’s others, but this will give the newbie a good start.  Feel free to leave a comment if you think there’s something else that should be here!

– Cassie