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My Banned Bots List

Update 8/14/15: I’ve broken down the 5/9 bots into their own list.  These are the bots I’ve found that were rezzed on May 2009.  You can find them here.

Update 3/7/15:  The list is again current as of now.  Every name submitted to me that I could reasonably verify as being a bot is on the list now.  The list has grown to a total of 69 names now.  Thanks everyone!

Update 2/10/15:  I’ve gotten a bit behind on the list due to RL things going on at the moment, but I hope to get the contributions merged in as soon as possible.  Thanks for all the input on this!

I’ve been catching these things more and more on my land and the surrounding area.  Bots popping into existence, doing a little step by step pirouette in place, then disappearing again.  I’ve done some searching on the web, but there seems to be no real consensus on what these things are, what they do, or what dirtball is behind them.  In my opinion, bots should be marked as bots in the profile and also with what they do – greeter, notecard giver, etc.  Also, they should be kept ON THE OWNER’S OWN LAND, and not leech off people who pay tier in SL.

These bots become one with my banlist when I find them, and since I thought other people might enjoy banning them too, at least until there’s some rules governing these things (I’m looking squarely at you, Linden Lab), I’m going to post my own personal banned bot list.  It will be updated as the list is updated.  If anyone has any clue who owns these things or what they do, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.  I’m assuming if they’re so secretive though, it can’t be anything good.

A few thank you’s for contributing names to the list both here and in-world – I think it’s getting pretty comprehensive now!

Thanks to those have contributed names to the list:

Aja Dani
Foxie Erwin Lockhart
Grizzla PJ Stipe
Mace Skate Foss
Xorinth Alexxianna Sirnah

If anyone knows of any other bots not on this list, please feel free to contact me here or in-world!

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Remembering The Second Life Hunt

I used to be an avid Hunter in Second Life.  You know, the store owners would put together a gift, there would be a theme to the hunt, hunters would have a good time, stores would get traffic and potential customers – a good time was had by all.  Unfortunately the fun seems to be coming to an end – unless you want to pay up.

I took some time away from hunting to pursue some other interests, but recently decided to hit a hunt or two again as a distraction and to maybe find some more nice little shops to spend my Linden in that were previously unknown to me.  Imagine my dismay when I started looking for a new hunt and found that the traditional hunt seems to be fast dying.

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2Chez Comes Through

Every now and then I come across a merchant slash creator in Second Life that stands out and gives me the warm fuzzies.  This is a bit late, but I’m a bit lazy when it comes to writing I’m afraid.  Anyway, about a month ago I bought a really outstanding dress from 2Chez.  Gorgeous texturing, mesh, fit like a glove, and best of all it had an uber cool HUD that allows color change. 

I get home with my spiffy new purchase and swiftly unpack the bag and slip it on, popping on the HUD as I do so.  I click a button on my shiny new HUD and… oh no!  No color change!  Ok, wait.. this is prolly my fault.  Let me detach and reattach.  Click.  Still no joy!  Hmmm… am I an idiot?  Is parcel scripting turned off?  Nope.  Let me try another parcel anyway.  Quick TP… try again.. nope.  Relog.  Try again.  Ugh! 

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Feeling The Love – Love Tattoos

Yesterday I had an experience with a creator that I feel like deserves special mention.  I’ve had a Tattoo of neko pawprints from Love Tattoos that I’ve been wearing for a couple of years now and have really gotten attached to.  I love to change looks – hair, skin and clothes are all fair game, but I’ve always put my tattoo back on through thick and thin!  My most recent change in looks left me in a bit of a quandary though.  I’ve recently added the Slink mesh hands to their feet that I’ve worn for quite a while now. 

While beautiful, they caused a bit of an issue that rubbed my slight OCD nature (ok, more than slight..) the wrong way.  The hands and the tattoo didn’t quite play nice with each other, and the last pawprint on each arm was cut off in the seam of hand and arm as you can see below.

Tattoo Before_001

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ATOI Closing – A Sad Farewell

ATOI Outside Shot

It’s a sad day for Second Life – A Touch of Ireland is closing its doors!  As of November 16th, all the pretties disappear.  Right now the closing sale is going on and there are lots of bargains to be had.  I’ve already picked up quite a few myself!  Hats off to AliciaKay Kilara for bringing us so many wonderful costumes and clothes over the years.  If you’d like to get in on the bargains and get some of her exquisite outfits before they’re gone for good, here’s your taxi.