My Quirks

This is my current list of quirks.  Love me or hate me, this is what I am… 😉

Gestures – The occasional gesture is fine, if they’re constant or you’re yelling in a shop like you’re brain damaged, I’ll mute you…not into moronic, sorry… “Those who can – chat, those who can’t – gesture.”

Friends – Please don’t offer me friendship after 10 words or less.. I will decline.  Also, I don’t want to be on your friends list for business purposes.  I clean out my friends list every month or so.  If we haven’t talked in 30 days, I’ll likely purge you – nothing personal, I’m into quality, not quantity in the friend department.  Feel free to IM me if you want to try again, though.  Always willing..

Vampires – I’m just not interested, sorry.  Please don’t offer me bites.

Stores – Dumping your notecards and LMs on me the instant I land is pretty much automatic discard. Also, I don’t want to fiddle with adding you as a pick for a freebie, and if it’s a group only freebie, I’ll join, get the freebie, and drop the group.  *Either give the thing away or don’t!*  No games.

Chat – 99% of the time I’m not paying attention to open chat.  It becomes too confusing with nobody knowing who’s talking to whom.  If you want to make sure I hear you, IM me…

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