Update 8/24/2015:  Hmm… looks like there may be another name – Rihanna.  I just found another 5/9 rez date avatar in my logs.  Blank profile and profile feed turned off, just like the other ones.  I’m going to assume she’s a bot at this point and add her to the list.

Here they are, fresh off their extensive tour of Second Life!  Visiting even where they’re not wanted, spreading joy and annoyance to the citizenry!  Spinning their way into our hearts and minds, you loved the regular bots, now here are the 5/9 bots!

Largely comprised of names from the mind of someone with apparently little imagination and a lot of time on his hands that fateful month, they form legions of Rileys, Selenas, and Brendens.  All with rez dates in May 2009 or close,  blank profiles, and the profile feed turned off.  Broken down by first name for your perusing pleasure. 

Please feel free to let me know if you’ve found a 5/9 bot that hasn’t been added to the hit parade!  Thanks to everyone that has submitted names so far.

For the original bot list, you want to go here.

The Brendens:

Name Rez Date
Brenden Caiben 5/15/2009
Brenden Chingseng 5/24/2009
Brenden Hammand 5/18/2009
Brenden Kaliopov 5/22/2009
Brenden Kaventipovic 5/23/2009
Brenden Lowtide 5/20/2009
Brenden Metaluna 5/21/2009
Brenden Nandahar 5/17/2009
Brenden Wrexan 5/16/2009
Brenden Zalivstok 5/12/2009

The Heavens:

Name Rez Date
Heaven Inniatzo 5/19/2009
Heaven Ormenthal 5/13/2009

The Natalias:

Name Rez Date
Natalia Blauvelt 5/24/2009
Natalia Jeriamas 5/14/2009
Natalia Loxely 5/23/2009
Natalia Porchers 5/15/2009
Natalia Thiessam 5/20/2009

The Rihannas:

Name Rez Date
Rihanna Macalroy 5/21/2009

The Rileys:

Name Rez Date
Riley Lerintzo 5/13/2009
Riley Ordinary 5/25/2009
Riley Pyrithea 5/14/2009
Riley Zeitman 5/19/2009

The Selenas:

Name Rez Date
Selena Balzibo 5/22/2009
Selena Dimitriaski 5/16/2009
Selena Elton 5/12/2009
Selena Vespucciano 5/18/2009
Selena Zalivstok 5/17/2009

15 thoughts on “INTRODUCING THE 5/9 BOTS”

  1. anyone else starting to get those 6 years old bots coming to their land naked still doing the bot dance? the Natalie’s & Brandons, etc, since posting here?

  2. Been watching these. They ARE ABLE TO ACCESS ANY SIM THAT IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC…this is confirmed. And should be account banned for that. If your SIM is closed to the public, YOU DO NOT HAVE PRIVACY. Estate ban and land ban does seem to keep them out but you have to type in each of their names.

    They seem to track SIMS somehow because I watched as I first opened a new SIM and a Brenden was there in 32 seconds.

  3. Actually a lot of the bots from your list are actually either LL bots or other website bots that are used to get statistics from sims and other information. Some bots that come to the land actually help with your business as they report back different things to different websites, like what lands have clubs, shopping etc. Throughout the years I have been in SL, banning some bots result in lessor traffic for some reason, not because they cant get to the land to raise traffic, but for some other reason

  4. @Chris – Is this confirmed anywhere that these are Linden bots? I’m not quite sure I buy that the Lindens need bots to wander around and gather stats for them, or if they did why they wouldn’t have a last name like “Lindenbot” or something like that.

  5. Selena Elton has to be one of the most persistent bots ever. I was just checking the visitor tracker on the security orb of group shared land and her name came up 12 times in the space of 5 minutes. o.o

  6. @Chris and Cass – I’m not buying that these are Linden bots either. As Cass mentioned, you’d think they’d have something on their profiles to indicate they are Linden bots which seems the kind of thing you’d think LL would do.

  7. They aren’t owned by LL. I saw one LL bot. It was named ‘Mr Linden’ and was there to check something wrong with the sim we were on. It landed in the center of the sim, did not do the bot dance. It flew to a spot, hovered there then vanished faster then any tp. Fly is turned off on our Sims and none of the 360 bots ever flew. They have tp ‘ ed to high altitudes, presumably old tp points but they just fall. They cannot bypass the estate fly ban, unlike LL owned bots which have god powers.

  8. Oh and interesting enough, they don’t do the 360 bot dance while falling…not until they touch ground or solid platform… just fyi.

  9. selena2 Elton
    Selenaa Elton

    These are two more Selenas I came across on my sim.
    Three of the Brendens and two of the Rileys are very persistent visitors and show up once a day. I’ve notifed my estate agent, who say they can’t do anything about them until there is proof they’ve done something. They don’t seem to grasp that as a sim owner they can ban anyone they like without question. I’ve even let them know that. I’ve also told them that bots don’t file charges. 🙂 Basically they said the Lindens have better things to do than to chase bots.

  10. I’ve seen several of these bots.
    Did a check with the ingame search.. give this a try: Enter “Brenden” and you get a list of several hundreds (!) of Brendens with an empty profile ans simliar rez dates.

    Is it correct that most of these rezz at about 3000 meters hight?

    As it is not possible to ban such a large list completely, i’d try another ugly trick to keep them out based on this height.

    These are no Linden Bots as those have a “Linden” name like “Mr. Linden” or such. As i can’t believe someone keeps up such a huge mass of bots just for fun i really want to get rid of them as I don’t want a data collector bot with unkown purposes taking up ressources from a sim i pay for.

  11. It is even worse.

    I have noticed several Brendens and Natalias rezzing on my land who are on the estate ban list. They should not be able to TP to the region or rezz there at all, but they do definitely.

    Maybe they are Linden bots even they have other names?

  12. Seems there new bots apeared of the same source… since so much people i know been banning all of these names from their sim. Last week i caught these names keep popping in and out from my sim same way as the old ones:

    KarstenMueller Resident, SofiaHolz Resident, PeterMonk99 Resident, ThorstenSchorn Resident, TabiLiebling Resident, SabrinaKunz Resident, DominikHatsch Resident

    I really wonder what are these for :S not like they can do much at my sim since the rezzing is group restricted but this random popping in and out is kinda annoys me :/

  13. @Venompapa – I think you’re onto something here. I checked these names out and several of them have the same rez date: 4/8/16. The ones that don’t are within about 2 days of that date in most cases. Some are already picking up bot “endorsements” from other residents. I’m thinking about putting together some kind of “suspected bots” list and soliciting sightings from people that have spotted them doing the bot dance in the wild.

  14. @Shave – This is very interesting. I read the thread you referenced and the MP article it points to. Sounds a bit like Red Zone all over again. You may have a point – the HUD says it allows you to find people on the grid. Since there’s no legit way of finding someone that hasn’t enabled their mapping for you, I can only think of two other ways to do it within the SL framework.

    The first would be stationary objects that detect avatars and send the info back to a database. Problematical considering how big the grid is and how many sensors you’d have to lay down to find any one given avatar. The second would be exactly what you’re saying, bots roaming the grid and reporting back.

    Either way, as mentioned in the thread, this seems to be a gross violation of LL’s Marketplace rules which state:

    “Listings for harmful or disruptive content. The SL Marketplace is not to be used for transmitting content or code that may be harmful, impede other users’ functionality, INVADE OTHER USERS’ PRIVACY, or negatively impact Second Life or the Second Life Marketplace systems.”

    Note the part I’ve helpfully highlighted. I’ve flagged the item on Marketplace as violating the Marketplace rules and would encourage others to do the same.

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