Effectively Uncapping Your IMs In Second Life

Ok, I’ve seen a ton of profiles in-world that say something along the lines of “Please send notecards only, IMs get capped”.  Coupling this with the new “Premium Perk” that Linden Lab is giving us of twice as many IMs before we cap makes me  question why anyone is getting capped, basic or premium account aside.

There’s a very easy work around for being capped, and it doesn’t involve 200 loose notecards deposited in your inventory.  Simply link your IMs to an email account.   You can do this with either a basic or premium account and get all of your IMs.  IMs will still cap in-world, but will be sent to your email anyway, effectively getting around the limit.  It also has the added benefit that when you’re not in-world, you can simply respond to the email and the sender will get it as an IM in-world. 

I’m not sure if it’s not well known how this works, or if people just want notecards out of some weird desire for mail, but I thought a quick run down on how to do this wouldn’t go awry.  Let’s get started then.

First, you’re going to want to sign into your Second Life dashboard.  Simply go to www.secondlife.com and sign in with your account. 


Next, we need to make sure an email address is tied to your account.  Go to “Account” at the upper left and click to get to your account info.

A new menu will drop down.   Choose “Contact Information”


This will bring up your contact information.  At the top you’ll see something like this:


At this point, simply fill in the email address you want your IMs to go to, enter your password and check the little “I would like to receive offline IMs via Email” box and you’re done.  I personally have a separate email address strictly for my Second Life correspondence just to keep things separated out, but you can send them anywhere you wish. 

There!  Now you’re no longer limited in your IMs!  You’ll still get the “Too many messages, IMs have been capped” message when you log back in if you’re over the IM limit, but those messages will still be safely in your email.  A lot of merchants prefer this method since they can receive every IM in their email box and simply reply to it like any other email.  The email is translated by Second Life and the recipient gets it as an IM in-world.  That way a merchant can respond quickly to a customer even if they’re offline at the time.

One thought on “Effectively Uncapping Your IMs In Second Life”

  1. Some of us can’t get ims to email for personal reasons. ..ims getting capped are not just ims but notices from groups and group ims. No I am not going to share those reasons.

    Also be aware that your rl name can be accidentally sent via email replies. It has happened to someone using their main email to reply to one of my ims to them. They are lucky I had been a close friend and let them know about it or their name would be all over sl. But even to me they had not planned to reveal that rl info.

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