My Banned Bots List

Update 8/14/15: I’ve broken down the 5/9 bots into their own list.  These are the bots I’ve found that were rezzed on May 2009.  You can find them here.

Update 3/7/15:  The list is again current as of now.  Every name submitted to me that I could reasonably verify as being a bot is on the list now.  The list has grown to a total of 69 names now.  Thanks everyone!

Update 2/10/15:  I’ve gotten a bit behind on the list due to RL things going on at the moment, but I hope to get the contributions merged in as soon as possible.  Thanks for all the input on this!

I’ve been catching these things more and more on my land and the surrounding area.  Bots popping into existence, doing a little step by step pirouette in place, then disappearing again.  I’ve done some searching on the web, but there seems to be no real consensus on what these things are, what they do, or what dirtball is behind them.  In my opinion, bots should be marked as bots in the profile and also with what they do – greeter, notecard giver, etc.  Also, they should be kept ON THE OWNER’S OWN LAND, and not leech off people who pay tier in SL.

These bots become one with my banlist when I find them, and since I thought other people might enjoy banning them too, at least until there’s some rules governing these things (I’m looking squarely at you, Linden Lab), I’m going to post my own personal banned bot list.  It will be updated as the list is updated.  If anyone has any clue who owns these things or what they do, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.  I’m assuming if they’re so secretive though, it can’t be anything good.

A few thank you’s for contributing names to the list both here and in-world – I think it’s getting pretty comprehensive now!

Thanks to those have contributed names to the list:

Aja Dani
Foxie Erwin Lockhart
Grizzla PJ Stipe
Mace Skate Foss
Xorinth Alexxianna Sirnah

If anyone knows of any other bots not on this list, please feel free to contact me here or in-world!

3lu ArbizuAdded 11/03/13
Adele MerchiAdded 04/13/14
Akoustik ResidentAdded 09/12/14
Agnesia ResidentAdded 08/27/14
Aimonq ErinAdded 12/31/17
Al BathoriAdded 07/09/16
aliceklarr ResidentAdded 03/11/17
Anabella TebaldiAdded 08/25/14
Antoniella JaidovAdded 08/25/14
Arlets QueenstownAdded 04/13/14
Availabilitie ResidentAdded 08/23/14
Availabilities ResidentAdded 08/23/14
Avalyt ResidentAdded 08/27/14
Babas WrydanAdded 06/25/16
babsi BeizerAdded 08/25/14
Benoit Chemistry
Bernie AbomaAdded 05/28/16
Billybitche ResidentAdded 03/24/16
Boulbitos ResidentAdded 11/29/13
Brenda FourneauAdded 08/25/14
Burno Delicioso
Byebyep ResidentAdded 05/15/14
CandyBella1028Added 03/07/15
chuckers2 ResidentAdded 10/17/17
Couine BadgerAdded 11/28/13
Couisa GianoAdded 11/04/13
Cris TaselianAdded 11/04/13
Dantonk AvoraAdded 11/18/16
Desir IrataAdded 04/13/14
DetlefBracker ResidentAdded 09/26/14
Edele YotovAdded 12/27/15
Edmonde WonderAdded 08/25/14
Edyth Beamish
Enzari GarzoAdded 08/25/14
Fantasmatic Resident
Foxy BrahamAdded 04/13/14
Fukargoose Resident
Glaper BashlyAdded 09/26/14
herniee ResidentAdded 03/24/16
Herogen ResidentAdded 08/25/14
Hiwipe ResidentAdded 09/26/14
Honnestlie Resident
Honnestlies ResidentAdded 10/21/14
Identitas ResidentAdded 11/04/13
Identitie Resident
Immaturitie ResidentAdded 11/29/13
Integristic Resident
integrityx ResidentAdded 08/27/14
Inviolability ResidentAdded 03/07/15
Iphone999 ResidentAdded 11/04/13
Irreality Resident
jaylinsharrow ResidentAdded 6/2/17
Jenlain ResidentAdded 09/22/14
KawaiiAbata ResidentAdded 11/29/13
Kloroform ResidentAdded 08/27/14
konekon ResidentAdded 09/26/14
Leontia ArunAdded 07/18/14
lion222 ResidentAdded 09/26/14
lovemilf ResidentAdded 09/26/14
Marcelinau Resident
Mariejose Adored
Maxboulb ResidentAdded 02/23/14
Minae Gracemount
Moonlightinnis ResidentAdded 12/11/13
Naomi GhanduharAdded 04/15/14
Nyctalopuss EmberAdded 05/28/16
Olga Godde
OrientXpress ResidentAdded 02/28/16
PrinzessinQueenAdded 09/26/14
prizu ResidentAdded 03/16/16
Really LastchanceAdded 01/18/16
Remigia ResidentAdded 09/26/14
Stefanios ResidentAdded 09/26/14
Syzett ResidentAdded 09/26/14
Thyerrich GennaAdded 07/14/16
umbart ResidentAdded 12/16/14
Umildia ErinAdded 09/26/14
Uria BatistaAdded 09/26/14
Ursula XengaAdded 07/15/15
Utility VolotenkoAdded 06/15/15
Vanpiness Resident
Westley CalcuttAdded 07/10/15
Ylona TolsenAdded 07/01/15
zumai ResidentAdded 09/26/14

132 thoughts on “My Banned Bots List”

  1. FINALLY….a blog post on this subject. I would love to know what these BOTS are and to whom they belong as well. ANY info would be much appreciated! I have been complaining for over a year regarding these same bots ( and a few more) but to no avail. WHY are these bots allowed to bypass ESTATE ban? Here are a few more to add to your list:
    3lu Arbizu, iphone999 Resident, Couisa Giano , cris taselian, identitas

  2. 11/4/13 Edit: Thanks for the new ones Aja. Checked them all out and the consensus seems to be they’re bots. They’re in the banlist now. In fact I saw Identitas on radar trolling around not 5 minutes ago.

    Strangely, I was just out sailing and 3lu Arbizu came popping in from nowhere up ahead of me. Totally newbie look and the feed shows it as a bot, so I was just going to add it to my ban list. 🙂

    Maybe someday LL will look deeper into these things, but then again they can’t even get someone out to clean up the griefer object in our area that’s been there over a week now despite numerous ARs…

  3. Thanks for the list, i bookmarked it so i can check for updates every once in awhile…
    I found another bot that you can add:
    Maxboulb Resident

  4. I have had almost all of those bots you have listed appear on several parcels that I own and share across three different sims so those things sure do get around. I’ve had them appear inside buildings in which access to the building is via group tag only. Some of those bots appear to be used for spamming scripted objects, that’s what happened to me the first time I found one inside my cottage. As for who they belong to, all I’ve been able to find out from checking the profiles of these things is that those with groups listed all belong to groups called “Universal Gameroom” or “Golden Associates”. Some of the persistent bots to my land include Foxy Braham, Arlets Queenstown and Desir Irata. Olga Godde is the one who kept turning up inside my buildings.

  5. @Foxie – Thanks for the new names. I’ve checked them out and added them to the list. I think you’re right, I see Universal Gameroom and Green Mouse talked about in a lot of the discussions on these things.

  6. I just met 3lu arbizu and decided to check some other visitors today and found another. Naomi Ghanduhar

  7. @Erwin: Added Naomi to the list! That’s the way I find a lot of bots too, just going back through the logs of my security orb.

  8. I have more for you…

    Anabella Tebaldi
    Antoniella Jaidov
    babsi Beizer
    Before Afterthought
    BeforeThe Afterthought
    Brenda Fourneau
    Buck Melson
    Buck2 Melson
    Edmonde Wonder
    Enzari Garzo
    Eps Burnstein
    Ilka Xue

  9. @Grizzla – I went through your list and was able to identify most of them with reasonable certainty as bots and added them to the list. The ones I wasn’t sure enough about I didn’t… I don’t want to accidently add innocent avis here if I can avoid it! Thanks for the additions!

  10. Here’s another one … Honnestlies Resident

    Also, I did a bit of poking around and the current owner of the Universal Gameroom group is Markes Drut who has a marketplace store called Atomik Entertainment which sells some of the “Crazy Green Mouse” garbage that the bots try to spam you with.

  11. @Mace – I’ve heard of the Green Mouse spamming, but never actually experienced it. Maybe I’ve never been within close enough range of them. Do they try to pass you a notecard or something like that? Anyone else had experience being spammed by these things?

  12. @Cass – They try to spam you with a scripted object. It happened to me while I was visiting a friend. There are other spammers around who will randomly IM you and try to pass you a notecard or an LM to a gaming sim.

  13. Some of these aren’t bots; I’ve seen them on my land as well. Some are griefers, others are just looking for a place to “borrow” rent-free, while they do their thing. For instance, Immaturitie (trixieshy) is a griefer; they have shrunken avatars before so that the avatar’s clothes, hair, etc are floating from not fitting, while the avatar looks like some midget alien. Vanpiness & Fukargoose look for places to do their thing on. And then a few of the others on this list, I have seen put objects on land that’s for rent, without paying a dime. They put their things inside the empty house set up on the land and act like they live there.
    Anyhow, most of the bots scan for available land to buy at a steal. A few are there to scan how often a land is visited/used, possibly so they can pretend to live there if the owners have a tendency to be gone for long periods or certain times of the day. And a few of the bots are there to listen in on chat or just grief in general.

  14. Here’s my list of bots/griefers to add, if you’d like – hopefully doesn’t include the ones you’ve already listed:

    -Benoit Chemistry
    -nando corinth
    -Couine Badger
    -RobbieXStar Resident
    -Leontia Arun
    -Bolda Resident
    -fantasmatic Resident
    -zintake Resident
    -Kyler Zeitman
    -Couine Badger
    -Kyler Zeitman

  15. Thanks for the shout out. I’ve been keeping records of Bots that rez on my sim for 2yrs now. Not proud to say I have almost 90 listed. I’ve read the comments and some of the Bots people say aren’t have rezzed on my island and certainly appeared to be Bots.
    I’ve been running SL ads for rentals on my sim and have def noticed a marked increase in Bot Traffic. I do ban them ASAP.
    Also, please be aware of the May 2009 Bots- seems to be an infestation of them lately. Who made them, who’s sending them, no one knows, but if you check rez dates now, seems all Bots are May 2009.
    If anyone wants a copy of my Bot List, please send me a NC inworld.

  16. I wanted to make people aware of a griefer and I thought this place was as good as any to mention him/her/it. KernalSanders … they griefed the region a couple of my friends have their land in and left a lot of annoying scripted objects behind which LL seems really reluctant to help in removing. From what one of my friends was saying, it looks like this KernalSanders knows what they are doing as they are the creator of the scripted objects. So yeah, KernalSanders, beware of this douche.

  17. My partner and I have been keeping record also. Below is a list of the ones we have had show up at every sim we’ve been at REPEATEDLY sometimes several times a day. Sorry for any repeats.

    Desir Irata
    Foxy Braham
    Leonita Arun
    Couine Badger
    MarieJose Adored
    Riley Ordinary
    Riley Zeitman
    Riley Pyrithea
    Riley Lerintzo
    Natalia Blauvelt
    Heaven Inniatzo
    Brenden Caiben
    Brenden Wrexen

  18. ok, maybe this can help a bit.

    i know any bot can be logged into by the maker once in a while to do maintenance and adjust scritps and see the chat logs gathered by bots. if some use those bots to grief then that’s not good.

    some bots are spam advertisement bots.

    there are the scripted chat and exploration bots like hal and hal titanium and there’s a girl one too but i forget her name. those 3 are harmless and admit to being bots but they are made for advances in AI technology

    those that rotate 360 and stop take data photos… not sure if they are copy bots, info bots for data on sims that are populated and how much or gathering info about places moving or arriving to a sim. i have no idea on the data shots if it’s people’s data or if they measure lag or what…but those are the ones i ban and am suspicious of the most… why the heck are you people after my data?!?

    i’ve had someone tell me a bot has been used to defraud them…they rented land from a human then a bot came telling them they had to pay rent to said bot or they’d be kicked out and then the “owner” of these bots claimed they had lost control of the bots and couldnt stop them and had no clue where the money went (that’s complete bull because they can file a ticket with LL to recover their bots and there’s no excuse for not paying back the money paid in extra)

    some people do make bots to boost traffic but that’s illegal (against ToS)

    as for your comment on regulations…there are… every bot owner HAS to register them with LL or risk getting banned from SL… except…. they dont tell us what these bots are for and the fact they bypass land and estate bans is a definite concern of mine.

    Orbs are the only things keeping them out…but an orb has limited number of bans so your orb gets full you gotta get another orb…. then what??

    you can’t ban real griefers cuz you’ll get 500 orbs and lose all your prims…

    but yes i agree the fact they are bots should have to be listed on profile and their reason for existing listed right along (like hal and hal titanium have on theirs). that would definitely go a long way into helping us know which ones should be banned.

    that said why isnt LL making a statement about those darn bots….makes you wonder if LL isnt launching some of them… just food for thought.

  19. not sure this makes any rhyme or reason but first time I have seen this article about these “bots” I had dealings with a person called DBarrikin Darkfold – his sl Sister had told me he was a computer geek ~ long story short all these bots as you call them didn’t start showing up on my land until him and I had a huge falling out ~

  20. hello send you my list of bots

    Do Not Want: 3lu Arbizu
    Do Not Want: Adele Merchi
    Do Not Want: Akoustik Resident
    Do Not Want: Agnesia Resident
    Do Not Want: Anabella Tebaldi
    Do Not Want: Antoniella Jaidov
    Do Not Want: Arlets Queenstown
    Do Not Want: Avalyt Resident
    Do Not Want: Availabilitie Resident
    Do Not Want: Availabilities Resident
    Do Not Want: Avalyt Resident
    Do Not Want: AvamorphBot Resident
    Do Not Want: babsi Beizer
    Do Not Want: Benoit Chemistry
    Do Not Want: Boulbitos Resident
    Do Not Want: Brenda Fourneau
    Do Not Want: Burno Delicioso
    Do Not Want: Byebyep Resident
    Do Not Want: Brenden Caiben
    Do Not Want: Brenden Chingseng
    Do Not Want: Brenden Hammand
    Do Not Want: Brenden Kaliopov
    Do Not Want: Brenden Kaventipovic
    Do Not Want: Brenden Lowtide
    Do Not Want: Brenden Metaluna
    Do Not Want: Brenden Wrexan
    Do Not Want: Brenden Zalivstok
    Do Not Want: Couine Badger
    Do Not Want: Couisa Giano
    Do Not Want: Cris Taselian
    Do Not Want: Desir Irata
    Do Not Want: DetlefBracker Resident
    Do Not Want: Edmonde Wonder
    Do Not Want: Edyth Beamish
    Do Not Want: Enzari Garzo
    Do Not Want: Fantasmatic Resident
    Do Not Want: Foxy Braham
    Do Not Want: Fukargoose Resident
    Do Not Want: Glaper Bashly
    Do Not Want: Herogen Resident
    Do Not Want: Hiwipe Resident
    Do Not Want: Honnestlie Resident
    Do Not Want: Identitas Resident
    Do Not Want: Identitie Resident
    Do Not Want: Immaturitie Resident
    Do Not Want: Integristic Resident
    Do Not Want: integrityx Resident
    Do Not Want: inviolability Resident
    Do Not Want: Iphone999 Resident
    Do Not Want: Irreality Resident
    Do Not Want: irata Devin
    Do Not Want: Jenlain Resident
    Do Not Want: KawaiiAbata Resident
    Do Not Want: Kloroform Resident
    Do Not Want: konekon Resident
    Do Not Want: Leontia Arun
    Do Not Want: lion222 Resident
    Do Not Want: lovemilf Resident
    Do Not Want: Marcelinau Resident
    Do Not Want: Mariejose Adored
    Do Not Want: Maxboulb Resident
    Do Not Want: Minae Gracemount
    Do Not Want: Moonlightinnis Resident
    Do Not Want: Naomi Ghanduhar
    Do Not Want: Natalia Jeriamas
    Do Not Want: Natalia Loxely
    Do Not Want: Natalia Thiessam
    Do Not Want: Natalia Porchers
    Do Not Want: Nigel Harcassle
    Do Not Want: Olga Godde
    Do Not Want: PrinzessinQueen
    Do Not Want: Remigia Resident
    Do Not Want: Riley Lerintzo
    Do Not Want: Riley Ordinary
    Do Not Want: Roger Juneberry
    Do Not Want: Selena Dimitriaski
    Do Not Want: Selena Vespucciano
    Do Not Want: Stefanios Resident
    Do Not Want: Syzett Resident
    Do Not Want: Umildia Erin
    Do Not Want: Uria Batista
    Do Not Want: Vanpiness Resident
    Do Not Want: zumai Resident

  21. and if you want, I have an object that monitors the parcel and eject home bots. IM me or send NC

  22. Ok.. let’s try this again.. everything exploded with “500 internal server errors” when I tried this before so I had to talk to the nice folks at my web host.

    @Idor – Mainly I verify bots using the feed tab of the profile and/or personally seeing them do the bot rotate dance. I looked at some of the names on your list though and I’m seeing some patterns emerging.

    All the Brendens, Natalias, Rileys, and Selenas on your list have a rez date in the same month – May 2009. Most of them within a two week period. I also see Rileys, Brendens and even a Natalia on Alexxianna’s list. They all have the same rez month, blank profiles, and the feed page turned off. Further, I had Riley Ordinary and Natalia Loxely on my list already. Since I’ve never seen them personally, I must have verified them through the Feed tab. Both of them have it turned off now though. Makes me think that one botmaster is behind all of these and is starting to cover his tracks now.

    Anyone else seen any of these things visit their land?

  23. here’s another name for your bot list…. seems every time the maker of these realizes i banned all of his he sends a new one…. how many does he have?? or if he left sl are they just dormant until their predecessor gets banned and then they wake up and come in? it’s really frustrating not to know….

    bzbuz Hadazuma came on my sim just a moment ago, same profile style, same hidden web tab, same behavior

  24. andddd i just had someone visit my sim that had this group

    “old dungeon bot sales & fight club” in their profile… wonder if it has anything to do with it… group uri secondlife:///app/group/22722bb1-200a-3db8-ba2e-cef4ba6451f3/about

    LL sees it’s a problem to most people and doesnt stop them and doesnt make a statement about them… they should force bot owners to put the purpose on these bot’s profiles at the very least. sort of like food products have to have ingredients in some places.

    also the web tabs are hidden only since your blog came to be so obviously the maker reads this. they should at least have the guts to post a proper comment about their bots and face the people they annoy/pester/harass because yes having a bot on my land i don’t want IS harassment.

    to you bot maker and to LL : WE THE LAND (sim or parcels alike) OWNERS OF SL, as a united front do NOT want your bots on our lands.

  25. Not sure if she is a copybot( Brenda Fourneau) or what she is but Ive been reading and I see her name pop up a lot. I do know that she would always show up on my partners and mine’s land, it seemed like she was following us if we moved sims she would show up on that new sim and always right on the edge of the sim. She would just stand there for hours at a time. He was a creator and I was just learning.

  26. Hmmm… ok, I just had Riley Zeitman appear on my land about 45 minutes ago. Unfortunately I was afk though, so I couldn’t watch to see if he did the little bot pirouette or not. With the birthdates so close together though (see my last post), I’m gonna err on the side of caution and dump him in the ban list. I’d be interested in firsthand bot sightings if anyone has them, but particularly confirmations of any of the Brendens, Natalias, Rileys, or Selenas mentioned above as actual bots.

  27. All the names I gave you are from personal sighting. I’ve seen them do the 360 rotation with short intervals, I’ve seen the Web tab before it got hidden of all except bzbuz. His was hidden already. Some had stalker not bot on Web tab from the occasional comment and makes me think that the maker goes and makes personal appearances some time on some of them because all other comments said bots.
    those little stops in the rotation is the moment they grab data snapshots. And yes they tend to end up on Sims and parcels the people they caught on those shots hang out at. makes me think they see our groups lists…

  28. Hai! I run the CDS scanner at my store, I’m aware it won’t actually stop copy botters but I do like to have a heads up if I’m around and one gets picked up at my store. I started noticing a coincidence. About once a day there was this Brenden fellow being picked up on my scanner. I’d ban an then the next day Brenden again. I was thinking my scanner wasn’t banning this person until I got to looking at my ban list. Brenden has about 50 incarnations. I finally searched the name Brenden and went through and banned each one without a profile. Here’s the list.

    Brenden Aichi
    brenden alex
    brenden auer
    brenden avon
    brenden beck
    brenden bing
    brenden bu
    brenden coba
    brenden deka
    brenden emor
    brenden flux
    brenden Kaliopov
    brenden karu
    brenden kaventipovic
    brenden keen
    brenden lam
    brenden luik
    brenden metaluna
    brenden nandahar
    brenden oh
    brenden parx
    brenden rae
    brenden rhys
    brenden solo
    brenden zalivstok
    brenden zong
    brenden 19
    brenden 716

    Yay finally, that’s all of them. Lets see what they send my new ways tomorrow. My concern is with my CDS scanner which looks for copy bots picking them up, that this is some huge copybot network scanning sims and taking assets maybe to some other metaworld.

  29. Someone to keep an eye on is DianeChambers Floresby. Ever since my friend purchased land behind a parcel of land belonging to a mutual friend, this individual has been “invading” both parcels on a weekly basis. Both of my friends have sent IMs but have not received a reply yet. DianeChambers Floresby keeps coming back even though she’s been banned from both parcels of land … she gets ejected from one parcel, comes back and tries to get on the other.

  30. Back in February of this year I started noticing Brendens pop into the sim, then immediately out. I then began to keep tabs on all the different Brendens that would arrive and do the same thing. All their profiles completely blank, and around 6 years old. A couple months ago we moved to a new sim, and within 2 weeks the Brendens began showing up again. One landed right next to me and I actually attempted to talk to this person. With the normal behavior being to tp in and then immediately out, this one next to me stood in place for a good minute. His avi was dressed in the finest of Day 1 noob fashion, and he never responded, not in local or the IM I sent him. Upon looking into it, I can locate in search, Brendens with the same profile M.O. from 4-9 years old. Today I encountered my first Selena, now to start tracking these broads 😉

  31. @De – I’ve noticed two new suspicious Brendens in my security orb logs over the last two weeks.

    Brenden Caiben
    Brenden Nandahar

    Both born May 2009, both empty profiles, both with the web feed in the profile disabled. I didn’t see either one of them personally unfortunately, so I couldn’t say if they did the little “bot spin” or not.

  32. I personally suspect that some bots come about looking for land to buy cheaply. I am thinking of land that has been carelessly left unbought after being listed for sale for 0L in order to transfer to a specific person, yet the person was not specified. Our sim has recently become public access (mostly) and i ditto practically all that has been stated here in this thread. I have noticed they can only enter the sim at the prescribed landing point, and a couple of times one has even land atop me before poofing seconds later lol.

  33. I can’t remember the URL but there’s a site somewhere that you can view 3D images of various SL sims and that’s what some of these “rotating bots” are doing…they rotate and take snapshots and then those are used to make the 3D panoramic images. The results were kinda cool but I don’t like the idea of having them teleporting onto private land.

  34. Ok I was feelin’ crazy seeing all of these Brendens pop up on my land. Heaven and Heavenly too and quite a few others. I’ve banned a lot. I thought it was some freaky stalker person.
    There is one thing I’ve noticed that no one has spoken on though. When I tp out of my land and go sim hopping, the Brendens will show up where I go. It happened just tonight and I was on a premium sim when they found me. So these bots have premium memberships?
    When I noticed them, I then went to another parcel. About 10 minutes later another Brenden shows up there as well.
    So what is the deal with these bots then? And why are they following me around seemingly?

  35. I was just at Henmations and saw Westley Calcutt appear on the roof. I recognized the name because I had already banned him from my place. Strangest bot I’ve seen so far! He was completely naked, wearing a penis, on a G sim – and wearing an LAQ demo skin. He did the bot pirouette, and was gone in less than a minute.

  36. Update on DianeChambers Floresby … while her behaviour comes across as being a possible bot, she is in fact a squatter and a pretty rude one at that.

  37. Brenden Nandahar –
    has been on my sim at least a dozen times in the last few days – 2500m up – doing nothing (that I’m aware of at least).
    After I blocked him from my 1/4 sim, he started on my neighbor’s 1/4 sim. So far today, he’s visited almost every hour.

    When I TP to him – he leaves after a few minutes
    He’s really starting to annoy me now.

  38. @Brooklyn – Interesting shot. I’ve never actually seen any bots anywhere but ground level in my area. I didn’t know they could fly! You’re right though, the 5/9 bots seem to be upping their game. That’s what I call this batch in my head, because their rez date is May 2009 or very close. They’re largely composed of Brendens, Selenas, and Rileys. I’ve seen a real upsurge of them visiting Waterhollow as well. So far I’ve added two Rileys, 8 Brendens, and 4 Selenas to my security orb. There’s a lot more of them out there, but those are the ones I’ve seen physically visit my place.

    I might need to break down the 5/9 bots into another list of their own, since the ones I’ve seen and the ones people have sent me comprise a large list.

  39. I’m so curious about these things, what they actually do, and why LL leaves them alone even though they should be registered as bots (but apparently aren’t) and at least some of them are able to get in, in spite of region bans.

    I set up one of Thomas Conover’s “Avie Online” tools, and put in the names of some of the bots… The Brendens all seem to log in and out at the same times. I don’t know what good it does me to know that, but it’s interesting.

  40. @Grizzla – ooh… I never thought of that! Set an online alert on the bots. Very nice! Logging in and out at the same times definitely helps confirm they’re all the same person. Otherwise it would be an extraordinary coincidence. 🙂

    As to why LL leaves them alone, I don’t know. One theory is they belong to some large land baron or other Second Life person that contributes heftily to the Linden Lab coffers. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen a double standard between the big guys and the rest of us peons in the way the rules are enforced. If you look at some of the other bots though, you see in the feeds that people have ARed them for bypassing region ban again and again, sometimes for a year or more.

    Maybe if we’re lucky, Linden Lab will reign these things in in Sansar. I wouldn’t really count on it though.

  41. Foxie, have you observed Couine Bridger? I’ve seen Couine Badger do the twirl; I’ve never seen the other Couine nor has she shown up on my visitor log.

  42. Call it boundless curiosity (if not too much time on my hands) but for several weeks now, I’ve had Thomas Conover’s “Avatar Online Tracker” set up to observe when these bots are logging in and out. Some of them – like Westley Calcutt and Utility Volotenko – are logged in pretty much 24/7. Others – like the Brendens, the Rileys, the Natalias – log in and out many times during the day, often within a couple of minutes of each other. There are also maybe a couple of dozen from the larger list who haven’t logged in at all, during the weeks I’ve been checking. That makes me wonder whether some of the bot-runners are on extended leave of absence. 🙂

    Really, the bots don’t seem to do any harm, and maybe that’s why LL doesn’t do anything about them. Being a nuisance is not the same as doing harm. There are bigger problems for LL to address, I suspect.

  43. Well this blog has opened my eyes to some mystery avatars flying around on my SIM. Last year I noticed the Natalies, Brendens, Rileys and Selenas (all May 2009) in my zone mostly when I am on my land, so I decided to plug them into my online monitor as well. I noticed all 4 logging one after the other and sometimes two staying for longer. It’s a shame I deleted the names eventually however I can tell you that something indeed is happening on these sims. My guess is these people are paid to go to different sims to increase the popularity of a sim to ensure they will be tops in the searches. A friend of mine told me that for each minute someone stays on a sim, it increases the points and the amount of people visiting. Anyhow I don’t really know what’s going on but I would be curious to know which sims this is happening on and to compare. I’ve rented land from different companies and noticed different names on different sims. These people do not concern me however this does: the following names are of random people who have jumped in and out of my previous skybox and when asked how they got in, they were rude. I found a trend with these names and here it is. Most names have kind of a country theme, similar types of profiles when you read them and the most telling thing is their groups and picks. It seems this is the same person and oh, yes both genders are included. This is not all of them but maybe 50% I wrote down. Anyone have any idea whats going on here?

    Dean Woodells
    Montana McMasters
    Dusty Hammill
    Gus Langer
    Ronald Tempest
    Ronda Melody
    Autumn Hillburton
    Austen McMasters

  44. I’m not sure they are there to boost traffic stats, since they only stay about a minute, usually.

    A week or so ago, a friend had a chance to speak with Simon Linden about these bots – what their purpose is, how some of them can get around region bans, etc. He didn’t know the answer to the latter, but he said to AR it and contact him ASAP because he might be able to track it down, if he can do it close to the time they do it.

    As to the purpose, he said his best guess is that they are scouting for land for sale.

  45. @Grizzla: That would be my bet. The scouting for land makes sense. We own some nice Blake Sea access land in Phenywheny where we live and also have a few rentals and we get up to six bot visits a day in that area. I’ve also owned some crap land at various times that really isn’t worth anything and it would be a month at least between bots.

  46. @Grizzla – sorry for not commenting back sooner. I have sighted Couine Badger a few times on my land and a friend’s land. Couine Bridger has started to pop up on my visitor logs, haven’t sighted that one yet.

  47. Using bots to scout for cheap land makes sense but what I don’t get is why they feel the need to scout the same parcels over and over again when it is obvious the land they scouting isn’t for sale. My main parcel of land I have owned since 2008, so why on earth a bot scouting for cheap land keeps coming back is beyond me. :/

  48. I agree, Foxie… it doesn’t quite add up for me either. The sim I manage belongs to a college, and it’s not like we’re going to put our land up for sale. Although maybe it’s easier to just have them visit every possible sim automatically instead of programming them to leave certain sims alone. Even so, if land purchase was the only purpose, I don’t understand why a bot-sender would go to the trouble of making avatars like Westley Calcutt naked, with attachments and demo skins, instead of just leaving them with starter avatars.

  49. @Foxie: I think the main reason is because they’re likely programmed to follow a course. You can’t tell through LSL scripting if a parcel is for sale or not, so they wouldn’t be able to tell where to target the bot to visit.

    @Grizzla: Why they don’t just leave them as default avis, I really don’t know. That makes no sense to me either!

  50. @Cass – that sounds about right. I wish there was some way to throw a spanner in their works and derail their program. lol.

    @Grizzla – if they are land-bots they really need to have something in their profiles that designates them as being one. And yeah, they should leave them as default avis as well.

  51. new bot for your list… Edele Yotov

    found this out:
    bots don’t use LSL scripts, they’re controlled via python coding on the creator’s computer (client side) or a secondary computer in the creator’s home/possession.

    Thus LL cannot control/tell what the bots’re used for…

  52. @ElvenLady – That’s pretty much what I figured. There’s no way I’ve ever found to control a bot like that in LSL. It would pretty much have to be a custom client.

    I’m still not 100% sure what they DO, but my land scouting guess is getting stronger in my mind. We’ve had two prime waterfront parcels in our region go up for sale in two years for good prices. The same minor land baron snagged both of them in less than 30 minutes and turned around and immediately put them up for sale for about three times what he bought them for. If anyone is interested in a vastly overpriced waterfront parcel, let me know… he offered it to us because we border it on both sides, but we turned him down. Let him sit on it, since he’s had no other takers at that price. 🙂

    I’m in the region a lot and strangely enough have never seen this guy in the area, yet he’s snapping up land deals before they even show on the main map. Sounds like something shady going on to me.

  53. I just had a “visit” from Availabilitie who proceeded to spam me from a distance with group invites. The group in question is quite interesting as a lot of the members in it are bots and the person who created the group is only three days old. The group is called and it claims to be for a social network that was created in 2013.

  54. It would seem that a rival for Facebook called is using a lot of the bots listed on this website to spam people with invites to join the SL group. The spambots appear to be targeting people at Infohuds but I was actually hanging out on a friend’s place when Availabilitie hit me with the spam.

  55. I had a visit today from a very new avatar called TierneyWeber. The profile says it is a survey bot. Interesting fact, the parcel of land it decided to “survey” I’d only just taken down the no access lines.

  56. TierneyWeber the “survey bot” says they are surveying “for science”. I’ve asked them to elaborate but they have yet to respond to my question.

  57. science? that could be anything from researching lag to social experiment of how many people you can anger/troll using bots…

  58. Does TierneyWeber do the “bot pirouette” and stay less than a minute? If it does, then we can probably guess what kind of “research” it’s doing.

  59. Their profile actually says they are a “survey bot” but it doesn’t indicate the nature of their surveying. I was surprised when they replied to my first IM but it doesn’t appear I will be receiving a response to the second one anytime soon.

    Unfortunately I wasn’t online when they decided to visit my land so I wasn’t able to witness the bot dance. According to my visitor tracker their visit only lasted about a minute. This particular land is a small parcel tucked in behind my friend’s place and both those parcels neighbour a larger one I also own. TierneyWeber didn’t show on the visitor lists of the other two parcels of land which means they directly TP’d into my smaller one. >_>

  60. There’s another “survey bot” with the exact profile blurb as TierneyWeber called AliceKlarr. I wonder how many other bots are “surveying” sims with the same profile info?

  61. hmmm.. I haven’t seen either bot personally yet. I’ll have to check my logs and see if they’ve visited me. Kudos to them for identifying themselves as bots, but I’d still like to know more what they’re doing before I invite them to tea.

    If they’re doing something interesting or worthwhile, I’m fine with it. If they’re just out looking to scoop up cheap land for land barons, then bye bye. There’s one bot that self identifies that I’ve seen before and allow. I can’t remember the name right off, but it does surveying of banlines for a banline HUD and states that right in the profile. I’ve no problem with something like that.

  62. TierneyWeber is becoming a nuisance. They came out to my parcel of land again and they still wont answer my question. Not only that, it seems they bypassed a ban. My friend who owns the parcel of land in front of my small one put TierneyWeber on their orb’s ban list, they should have been insta-ejected but they managed to poke around a good 3 minutes before leaving. :[

  63. @Cass – There is an avatar called Virtual Littlething that clearly states on its profile that it surveys regions and who it is owned by, probably not the one you’re thinking of. That one doesn’t bother me as you rarely see it. But these new ones, while it is good to see they identify themselves as being a bot, aren’t providing enough information as to what they are really up to.

  64. @Foxie – I’ve seen Virtual Littlething around. In fact I used to own a parcel about 150m from where that bot is based, so I’ve seen it on radar a lot. That bot gathers region info for, which is kind of an interesting site if you look at it.

    Strangely, that triggered my memory about the banline survey bot. That one works for Triple Peccable surveying banlines and is called Joebob Nootan.

    I don’t have problems with either one of them since they’re aboveboard about what they’re doing and it’s harmless in my opinion.

  65. TierneyWeber on being asked about “surveying for science” – “look, as far as I know, I’m breaking no rules doing this”.

    They still wont explain what they mean by “for science”. If they are actually entering peoples buildings without permission, it’s trespassing and rules have been broken!

    (My friend IMed TierneyWeber after they “surveyed” his land and the above is the response he received to his IM).

  66. @Cass – I’m not familiar with Joebob Nootan but any bot that has a filled out profile explaining what they are and what they are doing gets a big thumbs up from me. As you said, what they are doing is harmless, and they really give no reason for concern.

    I enjoy checking out It’s pretty interesting to see how a sim has evolved over time. What I find particularly interesting is finding out what had happened in my home region prior to me purchasing land there. lol.

  67. @Lady Girardi – that’s not much of a response. Makes me think they’re doing something that people won’t like, thus the evasiveness. I think maybe I’ll be adding that name to my orb.

  68. @Cass – my friend has asked three times now for an answer to what the “surveying” is about and TierneyWeber keeps avoiding the question which makes me think they’re up to no good. I’ve added them to my banlist and so has my friend.

  69. @Lady Girardi – yeah, that makes me think they’re scanning regions to scoop up cheap prime land.

    I don’t think that in and of itself would be against the TOS, but if they’re using the bots to purchase mainland, then yes… it is. I’ve also heard many reports of bots in general bypassing region bans. I’d think that would at least quite possibly violate the TOS paragraph 6.2, number iii. You will not “Engage in malicious or disruptive conduct that impedes or interferes with other users’ normal use of or enjoyment of the Service.”

  70. @Cass – My friend received the following from TierneyWeber a few hours ago, makes it sound like whatever they are doing is somewhat shady …
    “[20:54] tierneyweber: Unfortunately the nature of the survey is confidential. I can tell you I am not a copybot or anything similar. In fact the information I am looking for does not affect 99.999% of the SL population. It’s very specific. The good residents of SL really can sleep peacefully in their beds. I appreciate that answer’s not going to satisfy you, but it’s all I can tell you”.

    First they say they’re “surveying for science” and now they’re saying “the nature of the survey is confidential” … whatever they’re doing is sounding even more shady and could very likely be against the TOS. They come out to your land, doing who knows what uninvited and then has the nerve to say they won’t tell you what they are doing on your land. Grrr. >_>

  71. In all probability TierneyWeber is being used as a spambot. I was speaking to my friend again who told me he actually received that IM from TierneyWeber eight times. Needless to say my friend has banned, muted and reported.

  72. I got a new one on my sim radar over the weekend: raventolbert. Its profile reads as follows: “Hands up – I’m a bot. But I’m a friendly one! I’m doing a survey. I’m visiting as many sims as I can in a random order Don’t worry, I’ll be no trouble, in and out before you know it. x” Its rezdate is 1/3/2016 – so it was less than a week old when it came to my place.

    To me, I’m not sure it makes a difference whether they identify themselves as bots. What they say still gives no more information about what they’re really up to. “Doing a survey” – “for science” (?huh?) etc.

    Over the weekend I also banned Aisleyne Decosta, whose profile reads “I’m a bot. Doin’ a thing.” What the heck does that mean?

    I suspect the bot-senders have wised up, possibly even due to this blog, and after the visit of raventolberg, I predict we’ll start getting even more noob bots. But – I don’t know – the fact that they identify as bots but can still get around bans, and they don’t explain why they’re there… I don’t like it.

    And a reminder – Simon Linden has said, if any bots get around bans, to let him know immediately, so he can try to track down how they’re doing that.

  73. @Lady Girardi – so… the gist of the IM is, “I’m a bot, I’m going to pop in and survey your land, what I’m doing is secret, trust me and let me do my thing”? Yeah.. sounds legit. Let me tell you about my friend Mfume who’s trying to get $15 million out of Nigeria…

    Thanks for reporting the new “survey bots” everyone. This is kind of becoming a clearinghouse for all bot related info 🙂

    Just for fun I just did an in-world search for “hands up I’m a bot” and narrowed it to “people”. I came up with six results (well, seven, but one is a bot for Deluxe Body Factory that displays shapes and skins, so that doesn’t count). Three have rez dates of 1/3/2016 and three have rez dates of 10/29/15. Good resource there for anyone looking to add these bots to their orb.

    @Grizzla – I’m not sure it has anything to do with my blog, but thanks for feeding my ego. 🙂
    Also, thanks for the info about Simon Linden. I don’t own a full region so I can’t comment about them getting around region bans, but we do own most of Phenywheny and see them consistently around there. If Simon is actively soliciting info about them though, I’d encourage everyone to help him out if they can!

  74. Just in case Grizzla is right and they read the blog and change the profiles, here’s the list of “Hands up” bots I found:


  75. @Cass – JaylinSharrow’s profile is now blank. One down, five to go … and hopefully a perma-ban from SL for all! lol.

  76. Cass, great list. A lot of the bots belong to this:

    I also just banned aliceklarr, whose profile says they’re a bot and doing a survey.

    I’m not interested in being part of any survey, kthx. Maybe we should all spam that survey site’s owner with cease and desist letters.

  77. @Carrie

    ok that’s progress.

    See i personally would be more inclined to tolerate and accept the bots from that site since the info they gather is not personal and geared more towards monitoring how well sl is doing.
    Also it helps monitor times that trolls and griefers are out in full force in sl vs when they’re less trouble. that would be fine by me and i’d stop banning the bots related to that site and even be friendly to them and their owner since the ‘declared registered to that site’ bots are harmless.

    However the site does not list it’s bots and the bot profiles don’t list the site. it would also be too easy for someone to claim affiliation and actually steal personal data or use them for bad purposes but listing them should be required.

    I note that a lot of the data has not been updated since 2010 so either they no longer have access to that data or no longer care to gather it… which makes a lot of their bots obsolete anyway.

    I also note that they offer use of their API to 3rd parties which even if I trust the site, I’m not so keen on trusting 3rd parties using the API.

    a cease and desist letter from users might not be enough since LL provides the sl service and obviously lets these bots use their services. The site owners might even have affiliations within LL itself. If LL lets them monitor those things then it can be assumed that LL uses that info as much as they need it or can use it.
    Tho I do think LL should give them some sort of official title ‘LL approved bot’ or something… then they’d get less spam reports about intrusive bots, you know…?

    anyway just my take on it

  78. Not personal! There’s more to it than meets the eye-in-hand. Why is it that they always seem to be a step behind you. Think beyond the surface and into the intel heart of the matter- there’s LL, but then there’s a level beyond that.
    Time will tell if this is indeed true, or false.

  79. Another bot for the bot list – Prizu Resident. It could be a copybot. It was seen doing the bot dance on a parcel of land my group is setting up to be a small breeadables market.

  80. @Cass – You’re welcome! I’ll keep you posted when I encounter any more not already on the list. This list should be sent to LL.

  81. Out of curiousity, has anyone else had an avatar called Drama Tyne making multiple visits to their land? I don’t think it’s a bot as the profile is filled out but you never know. It has been turning up at a friend’s parcel of land over the past few weeks, often up to 4 to 5 times a day. Apparently they come out in the morning and return again in the afternoon, who knows why. My friend IMed them but hasn’t received a reply so she put them on her orb’s list only. Drama came out the next day and was ejected five times in a row. Definitely could be a bot or maybe a squatter.

  82. Please disregard my last comment. Just as I submitted it I received a message from my friend saying they had heard back from Drama Tyne. She claims she used to live on my friend’s parcel of land, which is quiet possible.

  83. @Foxie – Added it to the list along with Billybitche Resident who I just caught and banned for doing the bot dance at Phenywheny.

  84. Hmmm… I was just noticing that the “hands up” bots have changed. Four of the six have removed the “hands up” identifier from their profiles.

  85. @Cass – I will make a note of that name, thanks for the head’s up.
    RavenTolbert is the only “hands up” bot with the identifier still on their profile. TierneyWeber has removed the identifier but is still out and about “surveying” parcels of land.

  86. I had a return visit from TierneyWeber yesterday so I IMed and asked what they wanted this time, they didn’t respond. I left a comment on their web feed, today the web feed is hidden.

  87. In the last 3 days, I’ve seen a huge uptick in the number of noob visitors to my sim, who stay 1 minute or less. Is anyone else seeing this? These are the names that have shown up on my visitor orb in the last 3 days; all but one have rezdays of 4/8/16 or 4/10/16, and at least one has hidden the Feed. Here are the names:

    I’m NOT claiming they are bots, but it is such a strange change in activity on my sim, that I am curious as to whether anybody else is seeing them. We get a lot of noobs visiting my sim, because we have an SL skill orientation – but these noobs haven’t gone to that part of the sim, they’re reported by the orb in the center of the sim, which is where bots go – and they haven’t stayed to look around, they’ve just blipped in and out.

  88. @Grizzla – While I’m mostly seeing return visits from a lot of the older bots, I did encounter a very new avatar called UrsulaFrank that appeared close to my main parcel of land today and then depart mere moments later. The account was created on April 8th. I wonder if they are a new batch of the so-called “survey bots”?

  89. I had another one today, also created 4/8/16: ThorstenSchorn.
    Also on my sim for less than a minute.
    So yeah, I’ve been wondering if a new little army of bots is being created. Only time will tell! I haven’t seen any of these yet, to see whether they do the bot-pirouette; I’ve only seen their names on the visitor log.

  90. Sorry, that’s ThorstenSchorn, with no dash between Thorsten and Schorn. The blog interface put that dash in there for some reason of its own. 🙂

  91. OK, this confirms my suspicions that there is a new crop of bots: A couple of days ago, I added all those new names into my estate ban list. My visitor log from last night shows that one of them (MsFabiane) got back in again last night, in spite of being on my estate ban list.

  92. There’s an avatar called ZXC159 who is going around breaking into other avatars buildings and claiming he has the right go inside any building on any parcel of land that doesn’t have the no access lines up. He also said any parcel of land without no access lines up doesn’t actually belong to anyone so he can come and go as he pleases. Ban the bastard, he’s an annoying wannabe squatter.

  93. Al Bathori – someone spotted this bot at my group’s breedables market the other day.

  94. Keep an eye on a brand new avatar (rezday 7-17-16) named Nsuiyt Resident. I didn’t see it, so I don’t know for sure, but there are some details that make me suspicious. When it was less than a day old, my Visitor log says it showed up for 1 min on the parcel of my sim where bots usually rez. Empty profile – as to be expected for a noob – BUT whoever it is, they know enough to hide their name from search. Not going to ban based on a suspicion, but thought I’d mention my suspicion in case it starts showing up other places.

  95. An avatar to keep an eye on is RhaniaOliver Resident (new account created on 10/23/2016. While it belongs to a bunch of groups, the rest of the profile is blank). My group shares five parcels of land in the same region and this avatar showed up on the visitor lists of three of those parcels. Two of the parcels it visited are only accessible via group membership or by being on the land access list so it somehow managed to bypass the no access lines and spent a total of 15 minutes at those parcels. It apparently returned a day or so later and repeat. I’m beginning to wonder if it is another one of those ”survey bots”. Neither myself or any of my group members happened to have seen the avatar but it was placed on a temporary ban list.

  96. Hello everyone, I found the blog doing a brief search on the name “Natalia Thiessam”.
    She visited my parcel land a few times and my tracker detect it.
    I searched google and here I am.
    I found the post incredible to be 2013 and until today (03/12/2016) the case is still a mystery.
    Has anyone else been visited by bots?

  97. Were in 2015. My comment is about December 2016. No one else has submitted any comments about the date I wrote. So I asked if anyone else had news these days. ;D

  98. Zenees Resident who is only about a month old could possibly be a bot. My friend who is trying to sell some land thought this might be someone who is very interested in purchasing the land due to their multiple daily visits but the profile states “no payment info on file” which makes it highly unlikely they are looking to buy the land.

  99. @Trish This thread regarding bots was created in 2015 and is updated whenever there is a new bot to add to the list. If you look at the list of bots you will see what dates they were added there. Can you be more specific about December 2016?

  100. I received an offline IM yesterday to inform me there was a naked avatar on group land not far from some of my horses so I quickly logged in and there she was. She didn’t move when my friend and I approached her or walked past her. No response of any kind. She didn’t do the bot dance so I’m not sure she was in fact a bot but I’m going to throw her name out in the off chance someone else has encountered her …. Kirsten Melnik.

  101. Hello everyone! After receiving so many visits from the same bot, I’m sure the bots look for land rentals, because the places I was visited by these bots, had many parcel rent. He did not do bot dancing on any visit.

  102. @Trish … there are bots that go scouting for cheap land to buy, the “bot” you saw may just have been someone genuiely looking for land to rent. What was the “bot’s” name?

  103. I think if an avatar(1) is there for longer for a minute, OR (2) doesn’t do the bot-pirouette, we can safely say it isn’t a bot.

  104. is CaryJohnsson , old avatar, male and undressed, appeared flying in my parcel and disappeared a little later, I think he was not more than 1 minute.

  105. I looked at that avatar’s profile. I wouldn’t call an 8 month old avatar old. There’s no comments on the web feed from anyone concerned he’s a bot, yet. There’s no payment info on file, however you don’t need to be premium to rent land. Have you tried IMing him?

  106. Yes, several times. I did not get an answer. When I said old avatar, I referred to the appearance, that old generic avatar that Second Life itself created. This same bot visited my parcel 3 to 5 times a day, every day since I rented, for 2 months.

  107. @Trish – that sounds like one of those “survey bots” but considering the amount of times you’ve seen it, I’m not quite sure it is. One of my parcels of land was visited by a “survey bot” twice however the visits where months apart. If the visits are really becoming a concern, file an AR (abuse report) against them and have them added to your land’s ban list. If you have a security orb add them to the ban list of that as well. Are you still renting a parcel of land? If so, get in touch with the person you are renting from and make them aware of the avatar but definitely file an AR.

  108. I’ve had a weird thing happen over the weekend… my visitor log reported the same avatar (anita1c) appearing on my sim for one minute, every 8 hours, starting on Friday 4/21 and continuing through the weekend. When I noticed the pattern yesterday, I camped out on my sim, and sure enough, she showed up 8 hours after her previous visit.

    She didn’t do the pirouette; instead she was hovering in the air. And was a fairly nice-looking avatar, not the default starter avatars we usually see. I didn’t try to talk to her; in retrospect, I wish I had tried.

    Has anyone else seen this frequent visit pattern from anita1c or anybody else?

  109. @Grizzla – I actually noticed something similar from an avatar called LiamRowanLuke … they’d visit for a few seconds, come back a few minutes later, visit again for a few seconds and so on. I think I must have had a total of 25 mini-visits from them over a small period of time. I haven’t seen what this avatar looks like but its profile image appears to be that of a child avatar. The name Anita1C seems somehow familiar. I think her name may have appeared on the visitor log of one of my orbs.

  110. If you do notice anita1c’s name on your visitor log, check to see whether there is a time pattern to her visits. With us, it has been 3 times a day, for just 1 minute… and about 8 hours between visits.

  111. I put him on ban parcel list. Another visited at the same time and frequency on the same day. I don’t have the name here at the moment, but I also put him too on the ban list, and a third new avatar visited my parcel. I notified the owner land and she asked me to put the name on security orb… only. I have no idea how to solve this bot visit issue, I concluded: I moved to another land.

  112. @Grizzla – I only noticed a single visit from anita1c on my visitor log, she was only around for a minute or so and hasn’t returned since.

    @Trish – Unfortunately the only solution against bots at the moment is to keep putting them on your ban lists and reporting them to Linden Labs.

  113. @Foxie – don’t know what repeatedly drew anita1c to my sim, but after I banned her from the main parcel (which she had been visiting at 8-hour intervals), she continued to show up on the sim, at the remaining parcel where I hadn’t banned her, still at 8-hour intervals. Visitor log reports 1 minute per visit. Curious behavior.

  114. @Grizzla – I’ve been checking my visitor logs more regularly since you mentioned the odd behaviour from anita1c to see if she’s come back but no. A group member IMed LiamRowanLuke about their multiple seconds long daily visits and while it was nice that they IMed back and explained what the deal was (they were supposedly visiting a neighbour) they haven’t been back since. Weird. Joebob Nootan seems to be attracted to a parcel of my group’s land at the moment, he’s made a lot of visits it recently.

  115. OK, so here is an oddity. Anita1c has stopped logging in (I know this because I use a Conover tool to satisfy my geeky curiosity about bots). But there is a new one that has started showing up on my radar: Garyharlington. He shows up on the visitor log every 7 hours and 40 minutes, precisely. I just finally saw him… he rezzes 7000m in the air and just hovers there. I think that 7000m is above the limit that most avatars can go without a special booster. Like the pirouette bots, he’s always gone in less than a minute. I tried IMing him; no reply.

  116. Someone recently purchased a parcel of land near to one my group owns and strangely enough the number of avatars in the region exploded, going from 7 to 10 avatars daily to a whopping 28 to 37 and they all seemed to be located (possibly on a sky platform) where the recently purchased parcel is. Even stranger still, the land was put back up for sale a few days after it was originally purchased and the amount of avatars in the region is back to normal. A few of the avatars I profile checkbefore they left had very similar names and were all created on the same day four months ago. Makes me wonder if someone is creating a bot army. 🙁

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