Remembering The Second Life Hunt

I used to be an avid Hunter in Second Life.  You know, the store owners would put together a gift, there would be a theme to the hunt, hunters would have a good time, stores would get traffic and potential customers – a good time was had by all.  Unfortunately the fun seems to be coming to an end – unless you want to pay up.

I took some time away from hunting to pursue some other interests, but recently decided to hit a hunt or two again as a distraction and to maybe find some more nice little shops to spend my Linden in that were previously unknown to me.  Imagine my dismay when I started looking for a new hunt and found that the traditional hunt seems to be fast dying.

I’m talking about the traditionally free, good-time-had-by-all hunt here.  Sure, there’s plenty of signs up for “hunts”.  If you’re willing to fork over 1-45 Linden.  Per hunt item.  Sight unseen.  Wow.  When did “hunts” become “Mystery Box Sales”?  Sorry, if you’re charging anything for the item (and yes I’m looking at the L$1 objects too), then in my opinion, you’ve just set up a Mystery Box Sale, not a hunt. 

Hunts were fun because you got to see new places, find new stores, meet new people – all for nothing.  You had nothing invested, so if you didn’t like the gift you just deleted it and moved on.  No harm, no foul.  If I’m paying for each gift though, the game just changed.  Let’s face it, I usually discard 95-99% of any given hunt.  It’s either not my style, or maybe its something I have no use for.  Again, if I’ve gotten that 95-99% as a gift, then I appreciate the creator’s efforts and move on.  Maybe even buying something else in the store that catches my eye. 

I’d rather not discard 95-99% of stuff I’ve paid for, however.  See where I’m going with this?  I’m afraid I’m going to have to just say no to the paid “hunts”.  It’s a shame since that’s pretty much the way I find stores that are new to me, and I do love to shop.  They key though is shopping, not wasting potentially large amounts of money on unknown items.

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