Feeling The Love – Love Tattoos

Yesterday I had an experience with a creator that I feel like deserves special mention.  I’ve had a Tattoo of neko pawprints from Love Tattoos that I’ve been wearing for a couple of years now and have really gotten attached to.  I love to change looks – hair, skin and clothes are all fair game, but I’ve always put my tattoo back on through thick and thin!  My most recent change in looks left me in a bit of a quandary though.  I’ve recently added the Slink mesh hands to their feet that I’ve worn for quite a while now. 

While beautiful, they caused a bit of an issue that rubbed my slight OCD nature (ok, more than slight..) the wrong way.  The hands and the tattoo didn’t quite play nice with each other, and the last pawprint on each arm was cut off in the seam of hand and arm as you can see below.

Tattoo Before_001

If you look closely at my left arm, you can see the cutoff at hand and wrist.  I looked around for another tattoo for a bit, but found nothing I liked near as well – nothing that was quite so me

At this point I contacted Suzy Martinek, the owner of Love Tattoos by sending her a notecard explaining my situation and asking her if I could pay her to have a modified version of the tattoo done without the last pawprint on each arm.  A couple of hours later I received an IM from her with an inventory offer.  A quick unbox revealed a new tattoo which I tried on and lo and behold, she’d removed the last two prints and fixed the problem for me!  Asking her what I owed her, she simply told me “nothing” and was happy I liked the tattoo so much.  Check it out below.

Tattoo After_001

Let me tell you, this is the kind of thing that gets remembered and brings me back in the door.  Thank you so much for being an awesome creator, Suzy!

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