2Chez Comes Through

Every now and then I come across a merchant slash creator in Second Life that stands out and gives me the warm fuzzies.  This is a bit late, but I’m a bit lazy when it comes to writing I’m afraid.  Anyway, about a month ago I bought a really outstanding dress from 2Chez.  Gorgeous texturing, mesh, fit like a glove, and best of all it had an uber cool HUD that allows color change. 

I get home with my spiffy new purchase and swiftly unpack the bag and slip it on, popping on the HUD as I do so.  I click a button on my shiny new HUD and… oh no!  No color change!  Ok, wait.. this is prolly my fault.  Let me detach and reattach.  Click.  Still no joy!  Hmmm… am I an idiot?  Is parcel scripting turned off?  Nope.  Let me try another parcel anyway.  Quick TP… try again.. nope.  Relog.  Try again.  Ugh! 

Time to call in the experts.  I get the mastermind of 2Chez, Gisele Grizot, on the line and explain my problem to her.  She tries it on her end without problem, but sends me a new HUD anyway.  I pop that on and press the button with still zero luck.  Wait a minute.  Just for fun, let me try something.  I strip off the xxsmall and slip into the xsmall.  Click on the button, and… boom!  Color change!  Ok… now we’re getting somewhere!  I slip into the xxsmall again because let’s face it.. the xsmall is gonna cause a wardrobe malfunction at some point if I wear it regularly.  I try one more time with the HUD, but it just gives me the proverbial dirty look. 

I let Gisele know this and she runs some tests on her side, reloads the scripts, and sends me a new xxsmall dress.  I slip that on, press the button, and the magic happens.  I have color changing!  Start to finish the whole process took just under 15 minutes, but in my opinion was well worth it.  Make your own mind up from the picture below.

Kiki dress_001

Kudos to Gisele Grizot for making 2Chez such a wonderful place to buy from!  I know I’ll be back!

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