Creations Kitchen: Ban First, Ask Questions Later

I was doing a hunt today – the Shaken, Not Stirred Hunt, for those who must know 🙂 – and was going along nicely until suddenly I bounced with a “banned from this region” notification.  Hmmm… better check this out…Creations Kitchen.  Funny, I don’t remember ever even being there, much less torking off the owner.  Ok… who is the owner?  I quickly check and come up with Sun Michalski.  Interesting… the name doesn’t ring a bell.  Why would I be banned?  Time to pull up her profile.  The first thing I see is a message proclaiming her undying love for her wife and bemoaning the fact that she’s apparently the target of multiple attempts to hit on her.  A bit offputting for the primary thing in a shop owner’s profile, but no big deal.  I used to get hit on a lot too even with my lovely Gila in my partner box, but I eventually stopped hanging about in the sims where this is a problem and have very little trouble now.  

Still, this doesn’t explain my being banned.  Wait…there in the partner box.  Endra Graves.  Suddenly it makes sense.  The woman that had a bad experience with a blogger and now ejects and bans all persons with a blog listed in their profile, regardless of whether there’s anything in it about her or not.  Not exactly what I’d call sterling customer service.  An idle check of her profile while writing this reveals not much change in that since I last wrote about her.  The first paragraph in her profile is honestly something I wouldn’t put in my profile if I was in business in SL.

”                          Owner of Artistry by ~ E ~

People that don’t read profile picks irritate me. Yes, some people fill theirs full of crap, but when dealing with a designer, many times important information is sitting RIGHT THERE and you IM them needlessly when you could just read profile picks.”

Kinda makes me walk away with the impression that she thinks her customers are an irritant…idiots that can’t read and bother her needlessly.  Well, I’ll be more than happy to take my business elsewhere – there’s plenty of jewelry makers in Second Life.  I’m not exactly sure what Creations Kitchen even sells, but I’m sure there’s alternate creators and stores for that as well.  Some of them even like their customers and appreciate them.  😉

I do agree with both profiles on one point – people should read profiles.  In this case it certainly gives you a feel of who you’re buying from and their opinions about you, the customer.

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