Luck of the Dice: We Got Griefed

I was at work last week and got an offline IM from my lovely wife Gila casually asking if I’d given our house a light particle effect.  Alarm bells ringing in my head, I logged on that evening and sure enough, half the region was under attack.  There were rolling dice on the land sending out waves of light particles and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

We usually keep our land open to public rezzing and allow people to use a changing/rezzing room on our land as a public service.  Unfortunately there’s always someone with the mentality of a five year old ready to abuse that with griefing.  I guess no good deed goes unpunished.  Luckily the guilty party was listed as the owner of the object and I got a nice picture for the AR.  Fortunately, after a bit of study it was easy enough to clean things up.  I’ve seen one mention of this grief tactic here, but it’s a bit short and vague.  Here’s how to get rid of this if you’re unfortunate enough to have the Pinhead of Griefing visit you in the dead of the night.

First thing I tried was simply returning the offending object.  This worked great for a few minutes, then suddenly it was back again.  I then returned all objects on the parcel owned by said griefer.  Again this worked for a few minutes and it was back again.  At this point, I was kinda visited by a WTF moment…

Our land is on the mainland and is actually several individual parcels next to each other.  I soon realized that this was the key.  The parcels were infecting each other.  My bet is that the way this works is that the Pinhead of Griefing rezzes the grief object and goes away chuckling at how terribly clever he is.  The dice then seek out other parcels with public rezz permissions and dump dice to all of them too.  The dice then go dormant for a period of time before firing off particles.  This way they’re not going off on all particles at once and some are overlooked.

Once I figured this out, cleanup was easy.  I simply went around to all our parcels and shut down public rezzing rights as well as returning all objects owned by the Pinhead of Griefing.  This done, my land was clean but others were still infected.  I messaged the owner of the land adjoining mine who I happen to know, and she came right over and cleaned her land up as well. 

She then left an IM for the owner of the land next to hers about the issue as well as filing her own AR on the Pinhead of Griefing.  Unfortunately that landowner was offline, so she contacted Linden Labs directly who got right on top of the problem by telling her that they can’t do anything until the ARs have been processed…yay, Lindens!  Way to police your world!  Good thing the owner apparently got the message and cleaned up her land… if we had had to wait for LL we might have been old and gray little avis before anything was done.

But I digress… I just thought I’d write this up as a how to article on how to get rid of this particular grief tool.  It also helps to know your neighbors!  Feel free to comment here or IM me in-world if you need a hand de-griefing your land.


3 thoughts on “Luck of the Dice: We Got Griefed”

  1. It’s happened again and to be honest it is really annoying. LL should really be doing something about this kind of thing.

  2. one way to reduce the spread of self replicating objects is to turn off object entry on all parcel settings. This won’t stop vehicles or anything else you would sit upon. I’ve been using this method to reduce griefing for years now and have saved my ass a few times from sim bombs.

  3. @Foxxe – Excellent point. It’s been a while since I wrote this and I’ve learned some things since. As a newbie at the time, it would have been nice to know these things BEFORE I got griefed. I’m thinking maybe LL should consider some guidelines on how to set your permissions to avoid this. Right now I have a parcel near the Blake Sea that I allow people to rez boats on, but I also have it set for a five minute autoreturn.

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