Endra Graves: How NOT To Run A Business In Second Life

Some business owners in Second Life welcome bloggers.  Some even are thrilled and appreciative when they’re mentioned in a blog.  Endra Graves of Artistry By ~E~ jewelry…is not.  In fact her standing policy seems to ban bloggers from her store on sight.  I found that out when doing a hunt there on Monday. 

I have my blog listed in my profile in Second Life, as I actually want people to visit it.  That’s apparently where Endra and I differ.  She seems to have too many customers and is trying to drive some away.  Of course this tends to be conjecture, because I really don’t know for sure why I was ejected and banned from her store.  I received no IM, chat, warning, notecard or sky writing letting me know the reason.  I had TPed in while doing the Peace On Earth Hunt and was looking at the hunt signs in the store when suddenly I found myself back home.  Thinking I’d hit the wrong key, I tried to TP back and was informed I was banned from the region.

Only some detective work and probing even allowed me to figure out who owned the region and why I’d been ejected in such a cowardly way.  At first I couldn’t figure it out.. was I dressed inappropriately?  No… I had a denim overall jumper outfit on.. hardly offensive.  Had I offended her in some way?  No…I was simply looking at the hunt signs and had my hunt tag on.  I’d been there a grand total of three minutes.  Had I’d missed some warning or comment?  No…I went back through chat and there was nothing there.  No IMs either.

Hmm… what was my offense?  Time to dig a bit deeper.  Off to the oracle of all knowledge, also known as Google.  Type in “Endra Graves”… search… bang!  The number one hit is Endra Graves, who in the hell do you think you are?  How interesting, could it be I’m not the only one she’s annoyed?  Reading through this article, I think I found my crime, though.  I’m…dare I say it?  It’s so shameful!  I’m…a blogger!  There.  The awful secret is revealed.  According to this article, she detests bloggers and does not like to be blogged.  Shame that.  I didn’t have anything on this blog about her, but customer service this breathtakingly bad deserves a bit of space. 

Fortunately, I found myself banned.  I do a lot of hunts and spend a lot of Lindens buying things while I’m on them.  I would have hated to accidently hit her store on another hunt and given her traffic, much less patronage.  Hopefully hunt organizers will take notice of this.  This kind of thing makes a hunt look bad.  If Endra wishes to sit in her empty sim being the Queen Bee, then so be it.  Just don’t enter a hunt and invite in the unwashed masses.  I’ll do my jewelry shopping at somewhere classy like Earthstones thank you very much.

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