A Gorgeous Little Thing

Merry Christmas SL!  I thought I’d celebrate my second Christmas in Second Life by sharing my Christmas outfit with you all. 

Xmas outfit_003
Me in my nummy Christmas outfit at home

It’s Xmas Santa Corset Set from A Touch Of Ireland, and I love it!  It has all the elements that make up a truly great outfit.  All the prim pieces are moddable, so I was able to get that perfect fit on my smaller frame.  The design and the texturing combine to make a tasty whole.  So many outfits fall down on one or the other – great design but poor texturing, or vice versa – but this Christmas outfit delivers.  I’m picky about what I wear, and apparently so is AliciaKay Kilara, the owner of A Touch Of Ireland

If you’re a sexy lady looking for something sexy to wear for Christmas, I’d recommend getting down to her store and taking a look around.  I know I’ll be back!


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