Will LL ever fix the bugs?

Reading the newest “feature” that Linden Labs has been working on, I’m moved to ask the question.  “Is LL ever going to fix the bugs in Second Life (some of which have been around since day one), or are they going to continue with the endless parade of dumbed down viewers, sign up screens with more shiny pretty things, and web profile doodads that no one asked for or even wants?”

I mean seriously, how many people want their profile showing on the web, much less have a wall a la facebook and now even an inbox?  This is what LL is wasting their time on, when people are actually asking for bugfixes and new features?  Seriously?  How about maybe give people something they want for a change?  Maybe give us our last names back.  It seems people want them, if you look here.  This issue has 1988 votes and 652 watching as of this writing, yet it still remains unassigned.  Yet web profiles were foisted on us without a single vote.

LL is desperately trying to move SL toward becoming a social networking site, yet they don’t seem to understand that many, if not the majority, of SL residents want to keep their worlds separate.  They don’t want Second Life and Real Life mixed.  They play SL to get away from real life.  SL is a bit like Las Vegas – what happens in SL, stays in SL.


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