Hunting In Second Life: Part 1

One of my true favorite things in Second Life (next to shopping) is hunting!  Of course the great part is that shopping and hunting can be combined of course…much to the detriment of my Linden balance.

For the uninitiated, a hunt in Second Life is kind of a scavenger hunt.  You start at one store and look for a special object.  When you find it, you can buy it for usually $L0, depending on the hunt.  This will usually give you a folder in inventory with a gift from the store, and a landmark to the next store in the hunt.  You use the landmark to move to the next store and repeat the process again until the end of the hunt.  It’s a lot of fun, you get to see new places and things and sometimes walk away with some pretty nifty gifts, most of the time without paying a dime!

Some of the hunt objects I’ve sought in the past on proud display

Now I’ve been hunting for about a year and a half now and I’ve found not all hunts are created equal.  What makes a hunt great or a flop?  Well, here’s my two Linden..


Is the hunt well organized, or an abandoned mishmash?  Some organizers work tirelessly to ensure all landmarks are good, all gifts are set out, and that hunter’s questions are answered.  Others? Well..

One thing I consider absolutely essential for a good hunt is a list of SLURLs.  I don’t like to be forced to take the hunt in a rigid linear order.  Sometimes I like to (or have to) skip a location, and if the next location after that isn’t available, it breaks the hunt… I can’t move on.  Some organizers REALLY don’t like to give SLURLs, saying you’ll just pick and choose which stores you want to visit.  Some even get very defensive to the point of bordering on nasty about it… I’ve been ripped up by organizers for commenting in blogs that a SLURL list would be a nice addition.

Contrary to what some people seem to think, there ARE legitimate reasons for skipping a location.  One I can think of in particular is that I’m banned from a certain region…you can prolly figure out which one if you read my post on the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.. Smile

Another reason that stores are sometimes skipped by people is lack of interest or need for the product the store sells.  The product may be the very best of the line, but if say you don’t have a house or own land, furniture is of limited use to you.  I myself am not a fan of gestures, so quite honestly I don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for a prize of gestures…it’s just not my thing.

A SLURL list, preferably on a blog, but perhaps even on a notecard handed out to hunters, alleviates this.  Sure, some people pick and choose, but some people like myself, like to check everything out.  Give us a bit of credit, organizers, and perhaps stop treating us like children that need to be pointed and led step by step through the hunt.  After all, if someone is banned from the next location, or can’t find the prize, or the prize isn’t set out, or the store has disappeared, I’d think some of the stores further on the list would like the chance for a little traffic instead of the hunter giving up right there because they don’t know where to go next.

In the interest of not boring everyone to tears with a TLDR article, I’ll be doing this as a series.  More hunt related material to come in part 2! For now, I’m off to hunt!


Part 2 – the stores themselves

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