My SL Gets Weirder – Part 2

Where was I?  Oh yes,  I’d mentioned my new look and my wonderful slave Allan.  What I perhaps failed to mention is how much she means to me.  That was brought home to me the other day, when through a misunderstanding and equipment failure I thought I’d lost her for good.  It broke my heart.  Fortunately all is well now, and we’re stronger than ever!

Thirdly, at least chronologically, is Sally.  Or the hottest, sweetest, most wonderful girl in SL, as I like to call her…  We met in Carnal City, and after a whirlwind romance I asked her to marry me.  Two months ago today, as a matter of fact. 

Wed 4/14/2010 5:05 AM
Dear Cassandra Kestrel,

You have received a Second Life partner proposal from Sally —–.

I actually proposed, but she crashed right afterward.  When she came back online, she had been busy and formalized it.  🙂

I *do* have a picture of her that’s worth posting:

My Sweet Sal

Is she cute or what?  *sigh*.  Yep, I’m smitten.  She’s wonderful.  Young, but wonderful.  Unfortunately, she’s a busy lady RL, so I don’t get to see her as much as I would like.  She’s so sweet to make as much time for me as she does, though.  I appreciate *any* time I get with this special girl! 

A bit about Sal, without giving away anything she doesn’t want made public.  She’s Dutch, first thing which makes her seven hours ahead of my time.  That can make it a bit tough on us, since she’s in bed by 4pm my time.  She’s young but legal as she says in her profile.  Why she hangs around with an older lady like myself I’ll never know.  Look at her – you *know* she could do better.  ;-)  Especially since her personality is even sweeter than her looks.  She’s mine and I’m keeping her, though!

And I am *soooo* hers…

I’ve been with her for two thirds of my life in SL now.  Wow.  It seems to have gone so fast, yet I feel like I’ve known her forever if you know what I mean.  She’s one of the best, most important, and special things ever to happen to me in SL or RL.  She’s amazing.

Even more to say in Part 3..

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